Step inside a neighbourhood replenishment bar designed by Bone Studio and located at the Canal House in Al Wasl

Onda, a homegrown and Emirati-owned bar designed by Bone Studio, introduces a dynamic spatial topography that transforms the dining experience through varied elevations that ensure a discreet yet impactful presence is maintained. The design features a series of deep red and striking leather sofas by Living Divani, forming a continuous seating arrangement that provides a comprehensive view of the dining area, evoking a cosy yet luxurious feel. Platforms covered in leathered Irish Green Stone add tactile richness, while walls and volumes crafted from warm cherry wood offer a harmonious contrast.

This choice of materials seamlessly blends natural elements with bold aesthetics, creating a sophisticated ambiance. A luminous curtain backdrop behind the bar evokes a theatrical atmosphere, adding depth and intrigue to the space. The meticulously crafted lighting strategy by Fabraca Studios integrates illumination within fibreglass planters, casting a soft glow that enhances the bar platform and other key areas.

This thoughtful lighting design not only highlights the architectural features but also adds a natural layer of warmth and intimacy to the environment. Named after the Spanish word for ‘wave’, Onda presents a space that is evocative of Bone Studio’s design philosophy of conceiving spaces that elicit a dialogue through architectural gestures, sensorial earthy materiality and detailing.

The spatial arrangement ensures each customer enjoys a unique perspective, with seating at different elevations creating a dynamic and engaging dining environment. Onda’s design celebrates the interplay of light, material and elevation, offering an immersive and inviting experience that is both playful and refined.

Photography by Oculus Project

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