New in the Middle East

Cosentino's innovative slip-resistance surface fuses beauty and safety.

Consentino Technology has just launched its anti-slip Dekton® Grip+ in the Middle East. This advanced surface was designed for high traffic areas with potentially dangerous fall risks, such as dressing rooms, ramps, terraces, showers, pools and spas, to provide maximum safety without sacrificing looks and feel.

Grip+ is a slip-resistance treatment for Dekton ultra-compact surfaces that interacts with the product’s molecular structure to meet restrictive international standards.  The result is a smooth, pleasant feel that is similar to the material’s standard finish, even when walking on it barefoot. In addition, it features low water absorption and advanced resistance to scratches, stains, cold, heat and UV rays.

Grip+ will be applied to sixteen material colours with more being incorporated into other tones of the product range.

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