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Interior surfaces for the new season

Dekton® by Cosentino to unveil new collection.

Olimpo - Dekton Stonika Collection | Kitchen Countertop
Arga - Dekton Stonika Collection | Bathroom wall siding
Bergen - Dekton Stonika Collection | Kitchen Countertop
Sogne - Dekton Stonika Collection | Kitchen Countertop
Sogne - Dekton Stonika Collection | Kitchen Countertop
Taga - Dekton Stonika Collection | Kitchen Countertop
Dekton Stonika Moodboard

Cosentino will unveil the new Dekton® Stonika Collection of ultra-compact architectural surfaces on July 1, 2019. The six new hues are inspired by Carrara marble, Portobello stone, Quartzite and Gris Pulpis, the most requested natural stone materials. Manufactured by an innovative new process, the result is the coveted ultra-realistic appearance of natural stone enhanced with properties that provide advanced resistance to UV rays, scratches, stains and thermal shock.

Developed from a blend of raw materials that include glass, quartz and porcelain, the Dekton® Stonika Collection offers a choice of natural and lustrous textures. Subtle shading on neutral backgrounds highlight the contrasting veining on the beautiful, yet hard-working surfaces. This makes Dekton® by Consentino an easy-care solution that compliments a myriad of color schemes and styles. When applied to all surfaces of a kitchen island for a waterfall effect, the new materials make a dramatic statement. Elegance is added to islands, floors, backsplashes or countertops or wherever Dekton®  Stonika is used in home kitchens and bathrooms. Like all Dekton® surfaces, the new varieties are suitable for commercial purposes  such as flooring, facades, wall cladding, worktops, and other architectural and design applications.

Inspired by Carrara marble, the Olimpo features dramatic veining against a soft white background to make a stunning statement.

Bergen channels natural Portobello stone with its intricate, sculptural structure and lustrous finish that is ideal for kitchen work surfaces. A waterfall island in Bergen provides a dramatic centerpiece of any kitchen.

Arga and Taga channel the quartzite of the iconic Taj Mahal. The soft, creamy background and subtle veins of the Arga provides a dramatic surface. Taga offers a more contemporary interpretation while maintaining the characteristic gray tones and marble veins of the structure.

With a texture that blends natural stone and aged concrete that captures the weathered beauty of Gris Pulpis natural stone, Sogne evokes an industrial aesthetic. Enhanced by an ultra-glossy shine.

With the same texture as Sogne, Korso makes its own unique statement in earth tones highlighted with gray veins.

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