Fadi Sarieddine designs portable desk-tray as a response to working from home

Bento desk is part of the designer's Covidesign series

Dubai-based Lebanese designer Fadi Sarieddine has designed the Bento desk as a functional solution to working from work.

The second concept from his Covidesign Series, the Bento desk “emerged as a result of the unexpected life changes that the global pandemic has inflicted on people,” he explained.

All images courtesy of Fadi Sarieddine

“Within a few weeks, most of us found ourselves forced to work remotely, at the comfort (or discomfort) of our homes, forcing us to create a workplace out of a space that used to fulfil a different role.”

Sarieddine said the desk is designed for the many people whose dining tables have been converted into working desks, causing the inconvenience of clearing the table every few hours to accommodate lunchtime and work.

The word ‘bento’ translates to ‘convenient’, and the desk aims to be just that. Its portable design makes it easy to move with all its work-related objects, without having to clear the table each time.

Made in oak and metal, Bento Desk is a foldable tray that holds all your items in one place and that can be easily carried away when needed. The two incorporated pots are there to store your stationery in one place and perhaps add a plant, for a personal touch.

Once the sides fold down, Bento Desk can then be used as a lap tray, allowing one to finish the workday at the comfort of their sofa.