Dimorestudio-designed Berlin apartment isn’t afraid to use colour

From red walls to lush patterns, this eclectic home is bold as it is stylish

The eclectic synchronicity of Milan-based Dimorestudio’s signature style is discernable in the design of this Berlin apartment for entrepreneur-couple, Bodo and Victoria Andrin. The client’s simple brief dictated a “cool and contemporary space” that satisfied various scenarios to entertain family, friends and colleagues.

Set inside a recently reconstructed building in the city’s central Mitte district, the 587 metre square flat – which originally consisted of three apartments – was turned into a single space for the homeowners by Dimorestudio, who created a series of scenographic interiors with assorted, open spaces. The couple were introduced to the design duo, Emilio Salci and Britt Moran, by common friends, who thought the studio’s work would perfectly fit the needs of the homeowners.

Ceiling lamp by Ingo Maurer. Desk by Luigi Caccia Dominioni for Azucena. Chair by Warren Platner for Knoll. Wallpaper jungle weave, Dimoremilano Progetto Tessuti.

“The first encounter between the homeowners Mr and Mrs Andrin, happened in Milan at our studio where we discussed their needs and wishes,” Salci and Moran share. “In our work, the space, the location, the city and of course, the owner’s taste all factor into the final result. There is almost a first inspiration upon discussing a new project, talking about likes and dislikes – perhaps over lunch – that reveals how the space should be tackled and indeed conjures up ideas immediately.”

The layout of the flat could not be altered so the designers relied upon furniture and finishes to orchestrate different proposals that best reflect the perfect balance between the clients’ needs and the studio’s aesthetic.

Marle table by MangiarottI. Set of five Rising Sun chiard by Gabriella Crespi (courtesy of Dimoregallery)
Ceiling lamp by Gino Sarfatti. Custom-made cupboard design by Dimorestudio.

As entertainment was at the core of the brief, Dimorestudio crafted interiors that catered to different forms of socialising and entertaining, prioritising spaces to talk and eat. As a result, the apartment features two living rooms and one dining room.

“Our favourite place in the apartment is the red living room with the bar,” the designers say. “We have added a Milanese touch with the doorways of the corridor, the bar counter, the door handles, and the custom-made doors.”

Central ceiling lamp Lampada 027 by Dimoremilano. Armchairs and poufs by Corrado Corradi del Acqua for Aazucena. Circular Tavolo Basso 052 in marble and oxidised brass edging.

The colour palette spans from dusty pink to red Campari, pistachio and powder blue, while lush cues are applied across the apartment, from sculptural greenery to leafy wallpapers, contrasted with decadent applications of natural materials, such as wood, resulting in a juxtaposition of bold and playful escapism.

“For the Berlin apartment, we used saturated colours, such as an orange-red-opium hue, blues, shades of greens, and ochre. We custom-designed the bookcases, the doors, the bar, the beds and the cupboards, and we used our signature materials, such as velvet, glossy lacquered woods and brass,” Salci and Moran explain.

Afghan wood and braided chair. Hand-knoted carpet by Renata Bonfanti.

The apartment depicts the studio’s surprising combinations that are born out of a trademark style that constantly moves between references from design, art, architecture and fashion. The widely recognised vision of Salci and Moran allows for the co-existence of contrasting materials and time periods, forming a continuous dialogue between past and present, as well as traditional and contemporary that shapes each project with its specific atmosphere. The Berlin apartment is no different. Boasting a mix of different periods and styles with a contemporary edge spanning Art Deco, Bauhaus, as well as references from the late 1950s and 60s. The design also showcases the duo’s unwavering inspiration of Italian and Milanese details, featuring designers, such as Gio Ponti, Carlo Scarpa, Luigi Caccia Dominioni, alongside custom-made furnishings designed by Dimorestudio.

“For every space or environment we create, we always try to infuse it with a unique flavour through the use of unusual and unexpected colours and by using different materials and mixing past and present, tradition and contemporaneity,” the designers conclude.

Photography by Beppe Brancato