Zara raises the bar for tech-savvy, eco-friendly shopping

The gigantic flagship store in the Dubai Mall flagship store offers than current fashions.


Encompassing nearly 5,000 meters, Zara welcomes shoppers to experience its new location at the Dubai Mall. Echoing the essence of local fabrics and organic shapes and curves, the new location offers a seamlessly integrated shopping experience.


The store is equipped with the latest technology designed to optimize a customer’s experience, including self-check-out, automated collection points for online orders and a smart fitting-room management system to optimize efficiency. A dedicated area in the kids’ section serves as both a playroom and showroom with a screen built into the floor for interactive gaming. Selective lighting and curved screens add to the ambience while informing customers about Zara’s offerings.

More than merely another store, Zara was built according to stringent green standards. It delivers power and water savings of 20% to 40% respectively compared to conventional stores.


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