Yango collaborates with KAMEH to create pick-up point entrance for Art Dubai Digital

The wayfinding tool doubles as a work of art set at the entrance of Art Dubai Digital

Partnership: International ride-hailing app, Yango has joined forces with collectible design brand KAMEH to create a totem that marks the pick-up point at the entrance of Art Dubai Digital – a dedicated new media section for the art fair, which is taking place from 1 to 5 March, 2023 at Madinat Jumierah in Dubai.

The collaboration explores the concept of visual landmarks and spatial navigation, drawing inspiration from the idea of an object serving as a landmark or wayfinding ‘token’. Using its signature minimalist forms, and imperfect, weathered textures, KAMEH has created a totem of sorts in the shape of the letter ‘Y’ that is carved into a textured, white block.

KAMEH’s art and design philosophy is rooted in the belief that technologies, designs, and art are intertwined and inseparable. By partnering with creative talents and firms from diverse fields, KAMEH believes that they can bring about new and more meaningful projects. 

 Both brands share similar values, focusing on quality, clarity, and delivering premium products and experiences. The collaboration has resulted in a design object that is both a work of art and a functional wayfinding tool.

The project also aims at showcasing the power of collaboration between creative individuals and companies from different fields, highlighting how the appreciation of art, design, and luxury can bring about projects to inspire and captivate audiences.


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