Warehouse421’s open call for creatives in the MENASA

Warehouse421 cements its commitment to nurturing budding talent in the region

Anti-disciplinary space and design centre, Warehouse421, announces its newest effort to further creative mentorship and support in the region. Launching a series of outreach programmes such as an internship program, the Artistic Research Grant and the Artistic Development Exhibition Program, Warehouse421 is dedicating a variety of resources in backing emerging artists.

The outreach is targeted at artists hailing from the MENASA region (Middle East, North Africa, and South Asia). These programmes allow for an opportunity to the artists to monetise or receive funding for their creative endeavours. The Artistic Research Grant recipient will be awarded a budget of up to AED 75,000 while the Artist Development Exhibition Program will award the successful applicants with an AED 10,000 artist’s fee, along with an AED 24,000 production fee for a solo exhibition. The internship program will also be a paid opportunity.

“The announcement of the open calls remains an integral part of our work to support the creative community,” says Faisal Al Hassan, head of Warehouse421. “Warehouse421’s mission continues to ensure the availability of opportunities for our region’s creatives to contribute effectively to the development of the arts and cultural landscape here.”

“Our invitation extends to all creators from The Middle East, North Africa, and South Asia countries to explore our programs, apply for the opportunity to learn and create with a group of leading cultural practitioners, and possibly showcase and exhibit their works at Warehouse421,” Al Hassan added.

The centre has also announced an Outreach program – an online mentorship workshop that will be headed by Mo Reda. The program aims to provide a personally curated experience to participating artists by assisting them in charting a path move forward in their chosen career.

Warehouse421, which is committed to supporting emerging artists from the UAE, Middle East, and South Asia,  takes a collaborative approach to hosting and curating exhibitions, presenting with localised context, and examining cultural practices in an anti-disciplinary space.

You can learn more or apply for their grants and programs by clicking here.

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