The id Design Awards 2018 shortlist: Outdoor Space

Congratulations to the architects and designers who see the power and beauty of nature.

Creating an outdoor oasis that both honours its locale, captures the imagination of visitors and guests – and offers a sustainable vision for the future – is no easy task. These projects look to the past, present and future  to create public spaces, wildlife habitats and food destinations that create the region’s best outdoor spaces .

Al Marmoom Birds Observation Decks


‘The Nest’ – a bird observation tower at Al Marmoom Desert Conservation Reserve – was inspired from an actual bird’s nest pattern. This natural mold was crafted to give visitors the opportunity of a close up view of the sanctuary’s birds.

The design also has an added benefit of appearing more familiar to the birds by giving off zero reflections that would otherwise harm the bird’s habitat.

The  wood class and steel structure allows up to 20 people at once to view the wide variety of birds that reside in Al Marmoom Sanctuary, and a series of viewing platforms in the Marmoon Sanctuary, allowing up to 18 people at once, to view a wide variety of bird species in the sanctuary.

Last Exit Jebel Ali North

Meraas Design and Project

Looking to channel your inner Mad Max? Look no further than this fun, fascinating restaurant project designed by Meraas.

Complete with war rigs, monster trucks and cars, this  first-of-its-kind post-apocalyptic themed food truck concept offers a selection of fresh and tasty gourmet street food in a chilled, fun, and convenient atmosphere.

And because was designed with an eye to the future, Last Exit is also a believer in the concepts of upcycling, repurposing and sustainability – so its science fiction theme stays in the realm of fiction.

The Block

desert INK

This award-winning urban park project was created by desert INK over a seven-month period, providing the primary outdoor recreational space for the Dubai Design District (d3), whilst simultaneously drawing in visitors from outside the community.

This urban park re-purposes countless recycled materials, features many incidental play areas for children to explore, an outdoor gym, sports facilities and food and beverage outlets.

More than 700 surplus concrete quaystones are a key unifying element of the design. The create a wide range of interactive elements for visitors of all ages and physical abilities from climbing walls to parkour zones and opportunities for play and exercise.

Photo: Alex Jeffries Photography

The Constellation at the Founder’s Memorial, Abu Dhabi

dpa lighting consultants FZ LLC

dpa were privileged to be invited to illuminate The Constellation, a monumental public artwork that forms the centrepiece of The Founder’s Memorial in Abu Dhabi, a permanent national tribute to the UAE’s founding father, the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan.

It was conceptualised and designed by artist Ralph Helmick, whose practice explores human perception through large-scale public sculptures and installations that invite optical discovery.

Housed within a pristine, prismatic Pavilion at the heart of the space, the suspended solids of The Constellation shine like stars within the night sky.

The Contemporary Area of Al Seef


Stretching 1.8 km along the creek, Al Seef is located in the historic heart of Dubai adjacent to the Al Fahidi Cultural Historical Neighborhood.

Whilst the Heritage District of Al Seef (developed by Meraas) embraces the past by creating experiences deeply rooted in Emirati culture, the Contemporary District, designed by 10 DESIGN, was is conceptualised to shape new memories for Dubai.

Spaning approximately 670m of the creek, covering GFA 85,000m2, the site was developed in two phases:  Phase 1 accommodated the retail, food and beverage , and marina spaces while Phase 4 accommodated hospitality and food and beverage spaces along with car parking structures for both phases. Each has created an area that is revitalising the tourism experience around Dubai Creek, one of the UAE’s most popular destinations.

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