The Design Museum London launches a series of digital events

The new venture aims to inspire those of all ages to learn about design.

The Design Museum London

The Design Museum in London has launched a new calendar of online events. The new venture will include activities such as virtual studio visits of leading designers and learning about design history.

The content offered will be divided into four strands which will inspire those of all ages to learn about design. The four groups include: Young Design Museum, Into the Archive, Learn with the Design Museum and #DesignDispatches.

The online scheme will bring design into the houses of the five million followers the Design Museum has all over the world.

This new digital venture comes after the Design Museum announced on March 19 would be closing temporarily.

The design museum temporary closure

Tim Marlow, the Chief Executive and Director of the Design Museum described the importance to connect people at a time of great isolation.

“We feel that it is more important than ever to connect to people’s lives and passions at a time when much of the population is in isolation and seeking meaningful engagement,” he said. “This is a moment to reach out, to be responsive and to ask questions. We hope that our new Digital Design Calendar will connect with those at home looking for inspiration.”

The online content is set to be immersive, interactive and inclusive. Participants will be able get behind the scenes of the museums exhibitions of the past, present and future. The museum is also set to release footage through their ‘Into the Archive’ strand from previous exhibitions. The Ferrari: Under the Skin from 2017 was showcased last Thursday to kick off the museum’s new digital venture.

Designers will also be interacting with online followers. Every Friday for one month one designer will be invited to take over the Design Museum’s Instagram account for #ArchitectureFriday. They will be sharing photos, videos and more in a theme of their choice. London-based artist Camilla Walala, who is known for brightly coloured pattern installations throughout cities, will kick off the initiative.

The Digital Design Calendar week one:


Young Design Museum Create + Make, Build Your Own Rocking Horse and Font Sunday

Young Design Museum, Crowd Sourced Wall Lesson Plan (video + primary and secondary school worksheets)

Learn with the Design Museum, Raeburn Responsible Fashion Design Starter Pack

Find the full digital calendar of events here.