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The art of design: 6 global views

Head to these winter exhibitions for a new perspective.

Centre Pompidou's retrospective, 'Tadao Ando, The Challenge', looks back at the different periods in his career as an architect and sheds light on his decisive achievements. The exhibition presents around 50 major projects with 180 drawings, 70 original models and numerous slide shows, all divided into four main themes: the basic form of space; the urban challenge; the origins of landscape; the dialogue with history. It also includes graphite drawings, travel notebooks and photographs taken by Tadao Ando himself, which have never been shown to a European public before. www.centrepompidou.fr Photo:Liangzhu Village Cultural Art Center, 2015 © Photo : Vanke

Although we are the first in line for the latest opening at our favourite design museums, it’s important to remember that not all of the best design exhibitions can be found at the institutions dedicated to the discipline. As the festive season brings the need for international travel, be sure to take a look at the design and architecture exhibitions at the nearest art museum or art and cultural foundation (in addition to the local design museum) for new ways of thinking about the fluid relationship between art, design and architecture.  After all, as we hope to build bridges between nations – the people who constitute nations – art museums offer lenses through which we can become united through our diversity.  Happy travels.  – Joanne Molina

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