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Substantial changes announced to Jameel Prize for 2020-21

The sixth edition of the contemporary art and design award will take place globally.

Marina Tabassum, Bangladesh, 2012 (Photo: Sandro di Carlo Darsa)

The Victoria & Albert Museum, London (V&A) and Art Jameel have announced substantial changes to the Jameel Prize. The changes “herald a new era for the world’s leading award for contemporary art and design inspired by Islamic tradition.”

Previously a mixed-media award, the next Jameel Prize will be dedicated to a single discipline. In 2020-21, the focus will be on contemporary design. The organisers say this will “allow for increased exposure for fashion, product, graphic and craft designers inspired by Islamic traditions.”

Jameel Prize 6 will also be the first edition of the award to have a ‘dual application process’. This year there will be a new open call for submissions, in addition to the award’s traditional nomination system.

The Jameel Prize was founded in 2009 and is a collaboration between the V&A and Art Jameel. It aims to recognise the influence of Islamic tradition on contemporary culture. It also celebrates contemporary practitioners inspired by Islamic design and visual culture.

Throughout its 10-year history, the Jameel Prize has evolved and grown. Jameel Prize 5 was jointly awarded for the first time, to Iraqi artist Mehdi Moutashar and Bangladeshi architect Marina Tabassum.

Through its five editions, the Jameel Prize has received more than 1000 nominations from over 40 countries around the world. It has also exhibited the work of 48 artists and designers; and toured 16 venues globally.

The Jameel Prize 6 exhibition will open at the V&A, London in Summer 2021 before touring internationally. It will be the first Jameel Prize to take place globally, focusing on innovative contemporary design inspired by Islamic traditions.

Photos courtesy: Art Jameel