The ‘Spirit of Countach’ Shines at the Lamborghini Museum in Italy

Lamborghini Abu Dhabi & Dubai's Celebratory Art Piece by Sasan Nasernia Captivates in the Dreamaway Exhibition at the Automobili Lamborghini Museum in Italy.


Lamborghini Abu Dhabi & Dubai’s commissioned masterpiece, the ‘Spirit of Countach,’ is now a standout exhibit at the prestigious Automobili Lamborghini Museum in Italy. The commissioned masterpiece, the ‘Spirit of Countach,’ proudly created by local artist Sasan Nasernia to celebrate Lamborghini’s 60th anniversary, is now a standout exhibit at the museum.

Commissioned in March 2023, the ‘Spirit of Countach’ perfectly encapsulates Lamborghini’s design ethos, blending iconic lines, boldness, and performance. Nasernia’s artwork incorporates intricate calligraphic forms inspired by ancient Arabic calligraphy and arabesque patterns from Islamic architecture. Nasernia skillfully interweaves these elements with the silhouette of the Lamborghini Countach, creating a mesmerizing illusion of the car in mid-air and enhancing the piece’s spiritual and enigmatic aura.

A sketch by local artist Sasan Nasernia

Now, the ‘Spirit of Countach’ stands proudly among the 100 pieces featured in the Dreamaway exhibition. This showcase transforms the House of Sant’Agata Bolognese into a “diffused museum,” celebrating 60 years of Lamborghini’s innovation, design, and integration into local cultures worldwide. Each artwork commissioned by Lamborghini showrooms across the globe adds a unique cultural perspective to the brand’s legacy.


“Of the over 100 pieces created in honor of the 60th anniversary, we are proud that our masterpiece, designed and commissioned in the UAE, has been chosen for display at the Automobili Lamborghini Museum’s Dreamaway exhibition,” said Mr. Rakan Turki, CEO of Lamborghini Abu Dhabi & Dubai. “Not only does the ‘Spirit of Countach’ highlight our rich cultural heritage and showcase local artistic talent, but it also beautifully illustrates how the Lamborghini brand is harmoniously immersed in UAE culture.”

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