Set the mood with innovative table top lamps

Lamps are smaller and lighter but can be as impactful as their bigger luminaire counterparts.

‘Reduction’ is another new buzzword in the lighting industry. Lamps are smaller and lighter than ever, despite a high light intensity. Smart added features such as sensors and dimmers or high-performance LEDs now make it possible to design a simple luminaire with multiple functions. They can also create warm to cold atmospheres and go from perfect task light to candle-lit mood in seconds.

Touch panels for dimming are often integrated seamlessly into the design. Unusual materials are also being used in their production: leather, textiles, mesh-like and ultra-light fabrics, paper, cardboard, cork or rubber as well as porcelain, ceramics and recycled materials are complemented by striking surfaces and new ground-breaking processing structures.

Fulcrum lamp by Cheshire Architects for Resident

The Fulcrum Lamp is the modern re-expression of an archetype. This lamp is made with a cork base and a re-positionable shade made from Japanese paper, allowing it to take on new forms from every angle, rendering it equally at home on an antique side table as it is on a plywood bench. Fulcrum’s shade can be rotated, raising the light output from a soft glow to full brightness as the shade pivots through a sequence of cantilevered compositions.

Moon table light by Davide Groppi

Also made from Japanese paper is Davide Groppi’s iconic Moon table light. Says Groppi, “Moon was born from a dream … the idea of bringing the moon home.” Mission accomplished.

Lita from Luceplan

Lita from Luceplan combines an opaline blown glass diffuser combined with a wooden or aluminium structure, making it a timeless and evocative object that combines the craft tradition with technical research, seductive in its way of matching visual and tactile sensations.

Pivot by Lukas Peet for ANDLight

Lukas Peet’s Pivot series for ANDLight is playful and interactive, as its balancing shade allows for easy adjustments. “The starting point for Pivot was to create a friendly, approachable articulating table light that was based on a number of functional elements,” explains Peet. “With the articulating shade allowing directional downlight and constant uplight, the shade ‘pivots’ on the glass light source. The large spherical dimming knob mirrors the glass globe while also being a point of contact and adjustability. The cord length can be adjusted by simply wrapping or unwrapping it around the base underneath the fixture.”