Review: Isay Weinfeld by Shonquis Moreno

Get lost in the pages of a good book—it’s the soul of any room.


Known for his stunning contemporary residences, hotels, restaurants and commercial, cultural and public projects, Brazilian architect Isay Weinfeld has earned accolades both from colleagues and clients throughout his 40-year career. This beautiful new volume celebrates his ability to embrace tropical Brazilian landscapes and key modernist design tenets to create singular masterpieces.

Beginning with two excellent introductory essays by Shonquis Moreno and Raul Juste Lores, the volume’s 32o pages feature lush, full colour photography that brings Weinfeld’s architectural masterpieces to life. Each project is given a thoughtful, considered description, avoiding the typical trap of being a mere sketch of technical details. Highlights include: Edifício Mirá – ‘flats that follow the sun’; Livraria da Vila, with its huge pivoting bookshelves; Bar Número; and Fasano Las Piedras, a Bond-film-like hotel on the rocks in Uruguay.

But what strikes the reader the most are his residential projects, including Casa Cubo, Casa Marrom, and Casa Iporanga with its Middle Eastern screens. The projects’ inimitable luxury casts a spell on even the most jaded architect or designer, thanks to an ability to conjure the imagination whilst maintaining a firm sense of place. Ideal for any library dedicated to the arts of travel and design.

Isay Weinfeld

By Shonquis Moreno