Reintroducing a classic

The classic Ludwig Mies van der Rohe cantilever arm chair is again available from Thonet.

In 1927, when Ludwig Mies van der Rohne designed his first cantilever armchair featuring the lightness of a simple curved steel frame without rear supporting legs, it was heralded as an aesthetic implementation of ground-breaking technology. The resulting S 533 chair defined its surrounding environment with a large, elegantly curved circular tubular steel form. Constant flexing of the frame added exceptional comfort to the design’s functionality and timeless aesthetics. Since 1932, the S 533 has been repeatedly included in Thonet’s portfolio.

A new reiteration of this classic design object is again available as a standard product from Thonet.
The 2019 model, the S533 F, is available in contemporary variations. The seat, backrest and armrests are offered in wicker cane or black or natural bend leather. Alternatively, the seat and backrest can be made of plastic mesh and the armrests of elastomeric plastic.

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