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With each of my Editor’s notes, I have always tried to address an issue that relates to the theme at hand, and yet I have found it especially difficult this month to stay on topic as it also marks my last issue here at identity. Three amazing years, 34 issues, hundreds of interviews and endless inspiring conversations later, I am journeying on, feeling proud of what we have been able to achieve together in what feels like a very short time. 

Since taking the helm of this regional legacy title, my goal has been to create a more global platform for design in the Middle East and Africa. The talent and creativity in the region are ample – and I felt it was our job at identity to amplify them to the world. The approach from the start was to create a more globally focused publication that is based and made in the region, where ideas from all over the world converge to form a design landscape that is cohesive and forever in dialogue. We wanted to showcase the diversity of the work produced in the region alongside design from other parts of the world so we can better learn from each other and appreciate the other’s craft. 

It makes me very proud to say that today identity is being read in almost every continent of the globe and I truly believe this cross-cultural approach is the future of the unified world we can build together. 

What mattered most to me at identity was sharing the stories and works of creatives, designers, architects, artists; people with new ideas, people with respect for the environment, for culture and tradition; people who put other people first and create for them. Design is a powerful tool and I hoped to have to shed some light on those who were using that power wisely, while I could. 

It has been an honour to be trusted with so many stories and I hope you were able to enjoy them as much as I have. 

I thank everyone with whom I had the privilege of sharing so many wonderful moments. I hope to see you all very soon.

Read the July/August 2023 ‘The Style Issue’  issue online here.

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