Plastic power: embracing innovation

The London Design Festival’s Material of the Year exhibition will use Movisi's Link System.

Utilising and re-purposing material from industrial waste streams, Charlotte Kidger used secondary raw plastic from the CNC fabrication process to create a new composite material

Plastic, the London Design Fair’s Material of the Year, will be examined with the exhibition, Plastic, Beyond the Chipper. With a focus on innovatory practice, the Fair has selected four designers who demonstrate a refined and resolute approach to working with recycled plastic. These exhibitors from across the globe will treat plastic waste as a virgin material, and create new designs imbued with meaning, value and desirability—and long-term solutions to the single-use plastic issue.

And now the London Design Fair (15-23 September) has revealed the exhibition design, which uses Movisi’s Link System. Commissioned by the Tent London and designed by PearsonLloyd back in 2007, the four designers work will be interspersed within Movisi’s black expanded polypropylene partitions that will weave throughout the exhibition space. A fitting choice for this year’s Material of the Year, the Link System is 100% recyclable and a rejection of the single-use plastic culture.