A not so accidentally Wes Anderson apartment

Step into an apartment with vibrant pastel shades in a post-modern style.

Wes Anderson apartment

In the heart of Kraków, Poland lies an 80-square-meter apartment designed specifically for a creative couple has come to life. This vibrant home, filled with icons of Polish design and dominated by the color pink, draws inspiration from the whimsical film aesthetics of Wes Anderson. The designers Anna Baranowska and Joanna Felczuk of Butterfly Studio, along with stylist Eliza Mrozińska, have meticulously curated every detail to create a space that is both expressive and functional.

Wes Anderson -style apartment

As the owner was a huge fan of terrazzo, the studio made sure to integrate this material throughout the apartment in various forms, including tiles, countertops, and even flower pots. The terrazzo’s diverse patterns and colors perfectly complement the pastel accents, creating a harmonious yet dynamic aesthetic.

The designers have also accounted for the needs of the resident kitty. In the bathroom, there is a custom cabinet with a litter box and a small wall passage for the cat for easy use. The bathroom also includes built-in cabinets housing a washing machine and dryer, while the second bathroom features a shower and ample storage space.


resident kitty

The kitchen stands out with its unconventional layout. Divided into two distinct parts, it forgoes the traditional kitchen island in favor of a table, with a projector cleverly mounted in a suspended ceiling. This ceiling not only conceals an unexpected structural lowering but also houses a retractable screen for the projector. The bold pink hue, extending even to the grout between the white tiles, imbues the kitchen with a distinctive character.

Kitchen  The bedroom is a veritable oasis of peace and style, inspired by graphics of interpenetrating geometric shapes on a blue background. The original bed headboard and carefully selected accessories create a relaxing yet expressive space. Unique elements like steel columns behind the TV and an arch-shaped mirror add to the room’s character.

Wes Anderson apartment  Bedroom Wes Anderson apartment

This Kraków apartment is a testament to the harmonious blend of modernity and classic design. The interiors, rich regarding vintage style and Polish design icons, create a space that is both intense and inviting. Every element, from the meticulously chosen coffee cups to the intricate details in the living room’s Aga Pietrzykowka painting, contributes to a cohesive and enchanting environment. The apartment is intense, functional, and full of unique solutions, yet cozy and conducive to relaxation. This interior, with its bold yet thoughtful arrangements, will surely delight anyone who values expressive and meticulously curated design.

Photography by Mood Authors

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