Nimerology’s latest homeware collection is an ode to nature

'Isabelle’s Garden Party' features motifs of vibrant flora and fauna

Luxury homeware label Nimerology, founded by New York-based designer Nour al Nimer, has launched its latest collection, Isabelle’s Garden Party, which offers a fresh ode to nature. The botanically inspired collection celebrates the bounty and resilience of wildlife through motifs of vibrant flora and fauna including poppies, lilies, butterflies, beetles and birds.

The heart-lifting assortment of nature-themed tableware pays homage to classical English chinaware, sourcing inspiration from vintage botanical prints, antique English wallpaper, vintage crockery and taxidermy butterflies, reimagining them to fit the modern home.

With more people spending time indoors, in the confinement of their homes, Isabelle’s Garden Party brings the outdoors in, evoking a light-hearted, playful springtime ambience that one would typically enjoy amidst natural surroundings, or even see in one’s own backyard. The collection aims to transport homeowners to brighter days, be it through a dinner for two or a small gathering with family or friends.

While the collection is set to launch in spring, it is currently available for pre-order.

Isabelle’s Garden Party is the latest of Nimer’s tableware collections, which are all born out of the Palestinian-Turkish designer’s wanderlust and moulded by her passion for design and food.

The brand is inspired by a medley of cultures, mirroring her own upbringing, and translated through an elegant aesthetic sensibility and straightforward functionality. Nimerology’s collections are driven by the belief that art and new experiences should be an integral part of everyday life.

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