New Outlook – CGA Archi—

CGA becomes Archi-

In the spirit of evolution and continuity, CGA Architects is redefining its brand identity.

In operation since 1995, CGA Architects is now beginning a new stage of its evolution by becoming Archi-. The new name aims to bring people together, a reflection of the studio’s belief in the strength of the collective.

“Archi- is a prefix that amplifies the adjective to which it is associated, just as our projects enrich the experience of the places we create,” says the studio.

The archi- team

The hyphen represents the studio’s collaborative approach that aims to unite clients, collaborators and users through projects that respect their programme, their context and the environment.

CGA has been using the archi.ca domain since its earliest days, in 1996. The name Archi- was therefore a natural progression of its identity, reinforcing the notion of continuity aspired to by the five partners.

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