Masterful Marina concept approved in Dubai

Plans are well advanced for the hub of the new Dubai Marina Harbour.

Boutique design studio AMA collaborated with Dubai Harbour to design the 4,400-square meter Harbour Master building acting as the central point for the new development, which comprises of a marina with berthing and yacht storage facilities, a line of residential towers and two new cruise terminals.

The 2200-square metre harbour master building will be a highly visible element within one of Dubai’s iconic districts, as well as a multi-functional facility that must serve the needs of the public, harbour master office workers and Marina Harbour berth tenants.

The site was developed to capture sunset views from the restaurant and café, enable good views of the building from all sides and provide views to boats arriving from Harbour Master office, as well as attract people from the boardwalk to sales areas and create events space.

The building has also been designed to ensure ease of access for many different users: people can walk up to the building from the boulevard or drive up to the drop off; they can enter from the boardwalk side or walk around to the cafe and enter from thereafter enjoying waterfront views. Similarly, people can arrive for the first time from boats at different corners of the building.

The new Dubai Harbour development is located between the edges of Dubai Marina and the Palm Jumeirah, and includes a new marina with berthing facilities, a line of residential towers and a new ferry terminal.

Within this masterplan, which is being developed by AECOM, the harbour master’s building sits in a highly visible site in the centre of the southwestern side of the marina. It connects back to the main central spine on the northeast side.