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London’s calling 8 Emirati designers

Their new exhibition, ‘Objects of the Past: Today’, will be at The London Design Festival.

8 Emirati designers will appear at the 2018 London Design Festival.

The Dubai Design District (d3) has announced that after a successful reception in Milan in April, ‘UAE Design Stories: The Next Generation from The Emirates’ will return with a new exhibition at the London Design Festival.

The second iteration, entitled ‘Objects of the Past: Today’ is the result of an invitation to eight designers selected by designer Khalid Shafar to delve into the historical photographic archives of the UAE and unearth pictorial history surrounding the region’s nomadic roots.

Designers are tasked to interpret pieces from the archives into modern day designs, taking their inspirations from the UAEs ancestors. The designers will bring to life products and pieces using modern day design methodologies and processes, showcasing contemporary interpretations of items that held great value to those nomadic families for whom traveling through deserts and oceans was inherent, and living in ever changing landscapes was a lifestyle.

They will create unique commissions for London, each inspired by this very exquisite and treasured archive, all with a direct link back to the UAE. The designers include: Abdalla Almulla, Alia Bin Omair, Alia Mazrooei, Aljoud Lootah, Azza Al Qubaisi, Rouda Al Shamsi, Salem Mansoori, and Ahmad AlAreef.

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