Local legend: Nizam A. Baki

Purity founder revolutionised the design thinking in the region.

Simple, elegant and ethereal: Like the iconic products that help define history, the best design purveyors not only demonstrate refined judgment, but an acute sense of what it means to be human. Nizam A. Baki, founder of Purity, has created a destination that has transformed how Dubai experiences the world’s most stylish furnishings and accessories.

Nizam Baki portrait

Boasting the first Boffi Studio in the MENA region from its stunning Dubai Design District (d3) showroom, Purity’s commitment to top brands is one of the reasons why it’s become a design destination for the region’s most selective design aficionados. But Baki has been a pioneer and crusader since 2004 – long before the recent explosion of the region’s design scene.

What really set Purity apart is that it was the first firm in the region to design its kitchen and bathroom showroom like a gallery space. Clean and minimalistic, it made a distinct design statement.

“Purity was founded in 2004 with a vision to bring the regional mindset one step closer to design,” says Baki. “With a unique concept in place, we moved from being a luxury homeware trading brand to one that makes design-conscious living possible in the region.”

The company’s customer base initially comprised expats, but today there is a strong demand from GCC nationals who realise the value of design and wellbeing, thanks in no small part to the local authorities’ initiatives to make Dubai a global hub for design. For that reason Purity has featured top brands such as Nero Sicilia, Glas Italia, Ritmonio, Lithea, Omvivo, Vaselli and many others.


“We moved our headquarters to d3 in 2015. Being an integral part of this community, we have seen increasing interest in design and the desire of wellbeing. The latter is the driving element throughout every aspect of our lives, and customers [increasingly] realise the value and importance of design in their everyday life.”

Baki’s expansive design philosophy and strategy includes carefully selecting brands that meet the highest standards for quality and craftsmanship – not settling in any regard.

“We are proud to be associated with an unrivalled mix of high-end trendsetters, such as Boffi, Paola Lenti and Fantini [Rubinetti], which shape the world of design on a global scale. We have carefully selected each partner for their unique history, story and culture, which focuses purely on design, functionality and durability. The selection of brands was carefully made to find unique similarities in terms of quality and design [and yet ensure] that [they] fit under one roof.”


Trust is what truly defines his business. And creating trust means going beyond offering products. Baki’s company takes the time and the energy to know and understand clients on every level so they can be paired with items that speak to their life and their goals.

The design leader has sage advice for the young designers in the region. “[They] should not only focus on aesthetics in their designs but also functionality, quality and sustainability. Moreover, they should read, travel, research and be creative – as creativity has no limits.”

His future, also, is without a horizon. “By continuing our association with global brands, we will continue to focus on extending and strengthening Purity’s relationship with its customers throughout the region,” he says. We can’t wait to see what’s next. purity.ae