Lightbulb moment: Martin Fryzelka

The Managing Director of Preciosa Lighting reveals his industry challenges and solutions.

Photo: Igor Zacharov

As Managing Director of a brand that heavily relies on expression and creativity, it’s safe to say that I have my own set of challenges to face, whether they are specific to my brand or the industry as a whole.

First and foremost, I feel somewhat concerned over the emergence of cheap outlets and brands that focus on churning out products rather than producing quality. My group is determined to deliver with a niche. On a positive note, there is quite a demand for high-quality goods in the market and that we can meet those needs with numerous upcoming projects, so there isn’t much competition in the first place.

As with every artistic field, there are no objective guidelines and this can be potentially difficult for the designer who must meet the client’s requirements. In many domains of these industries, this affects the workers’ ability to get paid for a job. This is because; if the client isn’t satisfied, it isn’t considered done.

Photo: Adam Bakay

I’ll admit that while this is a hindrance to many, we are financially stable, so it gives us the resources to follow a client’s wishes. I won’t say that it isn’t beneficial; we have a powerful position that allows us to fulfill the brand’s vision of giving customer’s a unique experience. We do it all by paying attention to the importance of details and the customer’s expectations of a luxurious product.

In my field of work, I would say that unpredictability delivers the worst blows to the business because it can make management and organization a challenge. Understandably, it’s highly possible that an emergency or unforeseen event can delay the development of a hospitality project, or sometimes the opening of a hotel. However, these make it difficult to simply pick up where you left off; you have to start again.

Moreover, there’s also the essence of reputation involved so it’s heavily concerning when something goes wrong, particularly when a managed, fully prepared project has to end up being postponed. We can say that, as a brand, the image is in jeopardy.

Pearl Drop by Frank Tjepkema for Preciosa

Preciosa Gulf aside, there are certain issues faced by the industry as a whole, and the problem of postponements and delays negatively impacts business ventures. I am, by no means, complaining because my passion for design overcomes all other things. Spontaneity is a driving force that helps further improve design techniques being implemented by our brand, and without it, it would become similar to the bland nature of corporations.

Furthermore, a newly introduced aspect, the VAT that was implemented as effective from the beginning of this year, acts as an obstacle that has to be overcome. I’m confident that these problems won’t be much of an issue a couple of years down the line, but for now, effective strategies are needed. Of course, I’m not discouraged because of our clientele, who are renowned figures with a taste for the niche that we present. More than that, I have an unending enthusiasm for meeting personalities who share my motivations; that is, to create unforgettable interiors and remarkable spaces.


Company Profile

Established:  1724, Crystal Valley, Czech Republic

Design awards: 

Red Dot Award – Communication Design

Red Dot Award – Cultivation of Chandeliers Since 1724

Red Dot Award – Flagship Store

HD Magazine New York – Product design

German Design Award – Best lighting brand

German Design Award – Cultivation of Chandeliers Since 1724

German Design Award – Flagship Store

IF Award – Best lighting brand

Elle Decor International Award – Product design

Hospitality Design Award – Product design

BDNY Award – Best lighting brand

Light Middle East Award – Best lighting brand

Designer collaborations:

Frank Tjepkema, Eva Eisler, Rony Plesl, Dima Loginoff, Ekaterina Elizarova, Daniel Szöllösi, Davide Algranti

Unique angle/mission/perspective: Preciosa Lighting is part of the Preciosa Group, one of the world’s leading companies in the field of high-precision cut crystal components. The highest standards of craftsmanship, unique technical know-how and the distinctiveness of its designs have given Preciosa a place among the world’s leading producers of top-quality cut crystal.

More about Martin: Martin Fryzelka became Managing Director of Preciosa in MEA in 2016 and has been Managing Director of Preciosa Singapore since 2017. Under his leadership, Preciosa has continuing the company’s traditions while creating statement lighting pieces for the future.