Last day to contribute to Boards for Beirut sale by Custom No.9 for Beb w’shebbek

All profits will be donated to support Beb w'shebbek in Beirut

Custom No.9’S ‘Off Cut Drop’: Boards for Beirut sale ends tomorrow with all profits to be donated to the Beb w’shebbek initiative which is rallying its efforts into rebuilding the doors and windows of homes devastated by the Beirut blast on 4 August.

Custom No.9 for Beb w'shebbek

Founded by Mariana Wehbe and Nancy Gabriel, Beb w’shebbek’s goal is to fix 150 homes each month until they reach their 3,000 homes objective.

Custom No.9 will contribute to the collective effort of Beb w’shebbek in Lebanon by donating 100% of its drop’s profits to the powerful initiative.

Custom No.9 for Beb w'shebbek

The Off Cut Drop features the brand’s serving boards, initially available in their classic signature Terrazzo, cloudy blush marble and grainy charcoal travertine marble. Custom No.9 had added new materials over the course of the month, after having sourced off-cuts that would otherwise have gone to waste. Customers will also be able to choose the material for their limited-edition board.

With one day left until the end of the drop, you can contribute by visiting Custom No.9’s website. 

What is the Cut Off Drop?

In keeping with their sustainability goals for 2020, Custom No.9 recently launched a monthly programme to combat material wastage from their bespoke custom furniture pieces.

Having built up ‘stock’ of leftover material off cuts from production, the team have spent the last couple of months prototyping a range of simple, contemporary household and home décor products with the materials.

Instead of launching them all at once, Custom No.9 decided to focus on one product every month, using surplus materials available from recent production runs.  In keeping with their name, the new limited run product will drop on the 9th of every month. Once it’s gone, it’s gone. To keep customers informed, the next drop will be communicated at the beginning of the month.