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Kaiser Kitchens is a new concept brought to Dubai to respond to homeowners needs

The kitchen brand was launched in Dubai by Häcker Kitchens

id sponsorship: Kaiser German Kitchens is a fresh new concept, brought to Dubai by the team that launched Häcker Kitchens. Based on the ‘concept130’ developed at Häcker Kitchen Germany, Kaiser Kitchens have been designed in response to decades of research, which revealed that the majority of kitchen consumers want only the bare essentials in terms of accessories and functionality, without compromising on quality. This way, affordable prices can be maintained, enabling high-quality products to be made available to a wider consumer base.

Simply put, Kaiser German Kitchens fulfill the highest standards of quality, offering the essentials of a kitchen at more affordable prices. For example, a Kaiser German Kitchen starts at AED 50,000.

While Häcker prides itself as the epitome of luxurious materials and at the pinnacle of cutting-edge design, Kaiser trims down the range to meet the demands of a wider consumer base at a lower price range. This is achieved through sheer scale of manufacturing. At the same time, Kaiser Kitchens can call on Häcker’s experience and know-how to create supreme-quality kitchens that are made in Germany. Kaiser is all about maximising value for money and opening up the possibility for the wider market to experience a high-quality German kitchen.

Research has shown that almost three-quarters of the kitchens produced in the last 20 years are in white and neutral colours, which is why the same number of Kaiser Kitchen ranges reflect just that. Research also shows that around 80 per cent of kitchen customers choose only 20 per cent of the options available. With this in mind, Kaiser focuses on responding to clients’ desires without wasting resources outside of that realm.

With sustainability being top of mind for the brand, Kaiser Kitchens are produced through a carbon neutral process, further drawing on Häcker’s know-how and eco-conscious ethos.

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