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Introducing Dekton Slim, Cosentino’s thinnest surface ever!

Cosentino Group, the Spanish multinational company and leader in the production and distribution of innovative surfaces, presents another revolutionary format into its impressive line of architecture and design surfaces. Dekton Slim is an ultra-compact slab that is its thinner and lighter and therefore more manageable to install.

At a reduced thickness of 4mm and a weight of 10kg/m2, Slim is ideal for projects that require high performance and lightweight materials such as for cladding of furniture, doors or large panels. Another important attribute is it can be created in one continuous piece.

Slim, like the other Dekton surfaces, is created through an innovative, ultra-compacting process from a sophisticated mixture of raw materials used to make glass, next-generation porcelains and quartz surfaces. As a result, Dekton® surfaces are highly resistant to scratch marks, stains, thermal shock and ultraviolet rays. Additionally, they have low water absorption.

Currently, Slim is available in nine of the Dekton tones, and it will gradually be developed to cover the remaining colours in the range.