Innovative Interplay – Atlas

Atlas Concorde introduces the Marvel Meraviglia collection featuring Diamond décor by Zaha Hadid Architects

At Cersaie 2023, Atlas Concorde laun-ched its captivating Marvel Meraviglia collection, featuring a standout collaboration with Zaha Hadid Architects called Diamond. This innovative collection merges timeless craftsmanship with avant-garde design. Its unique design reimagines traditional mosaics, creating dynamic modular geometries that offer limitless pattern possibilities. Paolo Zilli, Associate Director of Zaha Hadid Architects, commented, “Diamond transforms the concept of traditional mosaic design, creating a sequence of modular geometries with limitless possibilities for dynamic patterning. This decor reflects Zaha Hadid Architects’ innovative approach, blending classic mosaic elements with disruptive design elements to create a dynamic and evolving surface. “This collaboration between Atlas Concorde and Zaha Hadid Architects exemplifies a blend of tradition and innovation, setting new benchmarks in decorative design.”

Inspired by the elegance of Calacatta Meraviglia marble, the collection also introduces Velvetech, a patented porcelain surface by Atlas Concorde. Velvetech replicates the polished marble’s intricate finish, offering varying opacity levels for a nuanced aesthetic. The entire collection offers a diverse range of finishes, including hammered, matt and polished, catering to modern interior design needs. 

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