Impact Acoustic introduced a new material for sound absorption

This acoustic absorber is a completely new solution made in Italy from waste materials

Impact Acoustic has introduced ARCHISONIC Cotton, a completely new solution made in Italy from waste materials. The high-performance acoustic absorber can also be returned to the production process, making the material completely circular. Available in a range of 24 natural colours, it not only absorbs sound, but also adds a natural aesthetic to any room. Circularity is a concept that has gained traction in recent years and refers to the idea of including the end-of-life of a product in its design process. As a result, a product can go back to the production line and be fully reused through a series of processes that are inherently restorative and regenerative. The aim is to eliminate waste and pollution, creating a closed-loop system in which resources are used efficiently and sustainably.

ARCHISONIC® Cotton embodies this concept by using only sustainable materials in its production process. The main component of the material is cellulose derived from cotton linters, a by-product of the cotton industry that would otherwise be discarded. The material is completely reusable, with 100% of the sound absorbers able to be returned to the production process at the end of their life cycle. This not only reduces waste, but also ensures that resources are used efficiently, and that the product can be used indefinitely by simply reshaping and adding no more than water without degrading the quality of the materials. The production process is also designed to be circular, recycling and reusing water.

The range of 24 colours has been obtained using natural earth pigments. These colours match the existing ARCHISONIC Felt, a collection that has been carefully curated by the trend scouts at Colour Hive and which is based on upcycled PET. This attention to detail ensures that the product not only meets the functional requirements of sound absorption, but also offers a beautiful and natural aesthetic that is in line with current design trends.

The material is handmade in Italy, combined with Swiss engineering to ensure that each tile meets the highest standards of quality and beauty. In addition, ARCHISONIC Cotton can absorb up to 60% of sound, making it a highly effective acoustic absorber. It has been designed to meet the most demanding professional requirements, making it a popular choice for a wide range of applications.

Innovative and sustainable, ARCHISONIC Cotton embodies the concept of circularity while offering a restorative and regenerative solution to the challenge of sound absorption.

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