Ideal Standard launches its new sustainable shower system: Alu+

The new collection blends modern color palette, practical features, and robust sustainability credentials.

In a world increasingly focused on sustainability, the bathroom accessory industry is undergoing an intense shift towards eco- friendly practices. From shower curtains to soap dispensers, manufacturers are recognizing the importance of incorporating sustainable materials and designs into their products. Moreover, forward thinking companies are implementing circular economy principles, ensuring that products are recyclable and minimizing single use plastics in packaging. As consumers seek to reduce their ecological footprint, the demand for stylish yet sustainable bathroom accessories are on the rise, encouraging a positive wave of change in an often overlooked corner of our daily lives.

Ideal Standard is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-quality residential, commercial and healthcare bathroom solutions, operating in over 60 countries across Europe, Middle East and Africa. The bathroom manufacturer recently has unveiled an exclusive preview of its latest masterpiece – the Alu+ showering range. This new collection emerges as a beacon of sophistication, blending a modern color palette, practical features, and robust sustainability credentials to deliver a contemporary shower solution tailored for the demands of modern living.

Aesthetically, the Alu+ shower systems showcase an elegant marriage of form and function, with sleek rectangular lines seamlessly complemented by the circular mixer, showerhead, and hand spray. The contemporary design is further elevated with a choice of three low sheen finishes – Silk Black, Rosé, and Silver. This thoughtful variety empowers customers to explore and express their creativity through color in a fresh and exciting manner.

“Launching sustainable products reflects our commitment to a greener future,” said Frederick Trzcinski, VP of Commercial Middle East & Gulf and Marketing Middle East and Africa, Ideal Standard MENA. “Alu+ collection, crafted from 84% recyclable content, embodies innovation and responsibility. It’s not just about a product; it’s a testament to our pledge to minimize environmental impact while delivering excellence.”

Sustainability takes center stage in the Alu+ range, positioning it as a leader in eco- conscious bathroom solutions. Crafted from high quality recyclable aluminum boasting an impressive 84% recycled content, Alu+ transcends traditional manufacturing by being entirely free from chrome, lead, and nickel. What sets it apart further is the incorporation of water-saving technology, seamlessly integrated into the entire range. Flow limiters ensure responsible water consumption, restricting it to just eight liters per minute for the hand spray and 12 liters per minute for the rain shower – all without compromising on performance.

The commitment to sustainability extends to every component of the Alu+ range. All plastic parts are crafted from high-performance, drinking water compliant polymers, guaranteeing that the water remains pure and uncontaminated by harmful plastics. Ideal Standard’s conscientious decisions regarding sustainability permeate the entire product lifecycle, with packaging that is not only completely recyclable but also free from single use plastics.

Practicality takes center stage in the Alu+ range, ensuring that users not only experience a visual delight but also benefit from a highly functional showering system. The inclusion of storage shelves and matching beauty bars adds a touch of convenience, with mirrors and other storage solutions available in the same three colors. The hand spray and extra large rain shower head offer users two distinct spray modes – a normal Rain spray and the indulgent SilkRain mode, promising a premium, spa like experience with ultra fine water droplets.

Navigating between these spray modes is a breeze, thanks to the user friendly design. An easy to adjust lever on the hand spray and Ideal Standard’s innovative EasyDial control knob on the shower head make customization effortless. Moreover, the Alu+ range incorporates EasyClean spray nozzles, ensuring that both the hand spray and shower head are easy to maintain and free from limescale build up.

The Alu+ range caters to diverse user preferences by offering options in both thermostatic and single lever configurations. Shower rail sets with a handset and shower systems equipped with a diverter provide flexibility, allowing users to seamlessly switch between the hand spray and overhead shower based on their preferences. Ideal Standard’s Singular philosophy further enhances the versatility of the Alu+ range.

The Singular concept is a new approach to specification bringing together the company’s deep product knowledge, sector expertise and design services to enable customers to easily choose from thousands of products to create the right solution for their space. It is a simple, flexible process that means customers only need a single supplier and one dedicated point of contact but will still have access to unlimited inspirational bathroom solutions from a complete range of product categories, including brassware, ceramics, furniture, bathing, showering and accessories.

This thoughtful approach ensures that the shower system effortlessly pairs with matching Cerafine O taps and Idealrain shower accessories, all designed in the same appealing colors and style. The compatibility extends to Ideal Standard’s wider collections, including shower trays, enclosures, ceramics, and furniture, providing consumers with a holistic and coordinated bathroom solution.

Ideal Standard’s Alu+ stands as a testament to innovation and sustainability in the realm of modern bathroom design. Beyond the visual appeal and practical features, Alu+ sets a high standard for eco-conscious manufacturing, offering a showering experience that aligns with the values of contemporary living. This comprehensive and meticulously crafted range promises not only a luxurious shower but also a conscious and responsible choice for consumers seeking a blend of style, functionality, and sustainability in their bathroom experiences.

For more information: www.idealstandardgulf.com

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