id Design Awards 2018 Jury: Jean-Philippe Nuel

A French design luminary, our Juror is the architect of a hospitality empire.

Too chic for fanfare and overzealous promotion, Jean-Philippe Nuel has mastered the art of allowing his work to speak for itself – and it speaks volumes. We fell in love with Nuel’s passion for understanding the true art of hospitality: creating a luxurious environment that evokes comfort, serenity and timeless style that speaks the language – and helps create the language – of contemporary design.

Nuel has recently opened his first office in NYC, finished another hotel in Paris (Le Belleval), launched a Laperouse a luxury yacht that’s the first of a fleet of six new vessels, and is working on projects in Morocco and Japan (to name a few). For us, his projects all illustrate an understanding of style and substance that represents the heart of French design, as well as a commitment to creating a hospitable international dialogue through design.

From a family of architects passionate about design and contemporary creations, Jean-Philippe Nuel graduated as an architect from the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris and quickly made a name for himself by winning several competitions, including an international competition presided over by Kenzo Tange.

Very quickly, before turning 30, he had designed a hotel in Paris, its architecture and interior decoration, which would orientate his work towards this sector of activity.

Following this first hotel project, subsequent projects for boutique hotels followed in Paris (Le Lavoisier, Le Général, Le Duo and more recently the Le Cinq Codet) and elsewhere in France (Le Canberra in Cannes, the Avenue Lodge in Val d’Isère, Le Grand Balcon in Toulouse, or the Jiva Hill Park Hotel near Geneva).

Studio Jean-Philippe Nuel

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