How to Craft the Perfect Living Room

Exploring the harmonious balance between artisanal craftsmanship and contemporary interiors within living room spaces

Image courtesy of Studio d.04

Crafting the perfect living room involves a delicate dance between artisanal craftsmanship and modern interior design. This fusion creates spaces that not only captivate the eye but also evoke emotions, tell stories and enhance wellbeing. Here, we explore insights from leading architects, designers, furniture curators and interior stylists to unravel the intricacies behind this process.

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NM Residence by Studio d.04. Photography by Natelee Cocks

Noora Al Awar, founder of Studio D.04, a multi-disciplinary studio based in Dubai, emphasises the importance of capturing the homeowner’s essence in living room interiors. She advocates for a bespoke approach, where each design reflects the client’s lifestyle, personality and narrative. “When working with clients, our interactions are intimate and collaborative. We delve into their preferences, histories and aspirations to ensure that every design element speaks to their identity and enhances their daily living experience,” she says. Similarly, Sergi Comellas, Interior Architect and Founder of Barcelona-based studio SERGI COMELLAS, stresses the significance of understanding how clients interact with a space, using cognitive mapping to tailor designs accordingly. “We talk to clients to understand their needs and preferences. This helps us create spaces that adapt and evolve based on the user’s requirements,” he explains. 

Living space by Studio d.04

Percy Deng, Interior Stylist and Founder of Midgu, a Dubai-based furniture curation marketplace, adds another layer to this understanding. She emphasises the role of personalisation and individuality in crafting living spaces. “As an interior stylist, my approach begins with a thorough understanding of the client’s individuality,” she notes. “I carefully select pieces that resonate with their aesthetic and tell a compelling narrative.”

Rozina Stefan, Furniture Curator and Founder of The Loom Collection, underscores the value of authenticity and uniqueness when selecting artisanal pieces. “I recommend homeowners opt for handmade pieces with intricate detailing, such as chairs, handwoven rugs or bespoke textiles for cushions and throws,” Stefan says. “By blending these pieces with modern furniture, homeowners can achieve a harmonious balance that reflects both style and heritage.”

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Deng also further elaborates on this point by highlighting the importance of harmonising bespoke pieces with the overall design aesthetic: “I harmonise the bespoke pieces with the overarching interior style of the house. I delicately balance proportion and scale, meticulously selecting materials and fabrics that complement the space’s tone and add depth.”

Balancing craftsmanship with functionality and comfort is also essential in crafting the perfect living room. Al Awar emphasises the importance of achieving harmony between craftsmanship, functionality and comfort to enhance daily experiences. Similarly, Stefan prioritises ergonomic design principles to ensure that bespoke furniture pieces not only look exquisite but also provide practicality and comfort for everyday living: “We extensively test and refine our products – sometimes for six to eight months – to ensure every detail is perfect. Even a difference of one to two centimetres can significantly affect the comfort of a lounge chair or the depth of a sofa. We take our time to get these details right because we view our furniture [pieces] as long-term investments. This meticulous process ensures our pieces are not only aesthetically pleasing but also practical and suited for everyday living.”

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Image courtesy of Studio d.04

Deng echoes these sentiments by advocating for the integration of vintage pieces to infuse character into the space while maintaining modern comforts. “While opting for a highly comfortable modern sofa for its functionality, I complement it with vintage armchairs to add a touch of charm and uniqueness,” she shares.

Artisanal craftsmanship adds depth, authenticity and a tactile allure to living room designs. Al Awar believes that integrating artisanal elements elevates both aesthetic quality and user experience, imbuing each space with a unique personality. “Our approach involves a deep understanding of the materials and craftsmanship available in our region. We prioritise artisanal pieces that not only reflect the cultural richness of our environment but also enhance the living experience through their uniqueness and bespoke quality. This careful curation ensures that each living room we design is not only a reflection of the client’s personality but also a functional, cohesive part of their home,” she reveals. Comellas echoes this sentiment, emphasising the sensory experience of tactile elements and the emotional depth they bring to a room. ““Many times, when we see an item, we need to touch it. Understanding an artisanal element’s power is essential. It’s not just about visual appeal but also about how it feels,” he adds.

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Townhouse in Tbilisi, Georgia by SERGI COMELLAS

Deng’s passion for hand craftsmanship led her to launch Midgu, her own furniture curation venture. “Through Midgu, I present a thoughtfully curated array of furniture, objects, art and vintage pieces, aiming to celebrate and advocate for the art of hand craftsmanship,” she explains. “It acts as a worldwide stage for artisans to showcase their talents while also showcasing the allure of Oriental aesthetics, all the while paying homage to my cultural heritage.”

The fusion of artisanal craftsmanship and modern interior design offers endless possibilities for creating living rooms that are visually striking, emotionally resonant and deeply personal. By understanding their own essence, curating bespoke furniture, balancing craftsmanship with functionality and elevating design quality with artisanal elements, homeowners can craft living spaces that are true reflections of their style, values and stories. 

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Boutique home in Emporda, Catalonia, Spain by SERGI COMELLAS

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