How sofas are becoming the new centrepiece

We speak with Adrian Shaw, CEO of Chattels and More on the evolving role of the sofa in the living space

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In today’s fast-evolving home environments, the sofa has transcended its traditional role to become a multifunctional centerpiece. We had the opportunity to speak with Adrian Shaw, CEO of Chattels & More, to discover what sets their sofas apart and how they are adapting to the changing needs of their customers:

Q. What makes Chattels & More a specialist in sofas?

Shaw: At Chattels & More, our expertise in sofas shines through our unwavering dedication to quality, construction, comfort, ergonomics, and functionality. We prioritize every element of sofa design to deliver an unparalleled experience of luxury and comfort. Our commitment extends beyond craftsmanship; we conduct a thorough study of the UAE market and customer preferences every 18 months to refine our offerings and exceed expectations. These studies not only ensure that we stay ahead of market trends but also help us identify any gaps, allowing us to source and introduce the right products from around the world to meet the unique needs of our customers.

Q. How has the role of sofas evolved over time?

Shaw: The sofa has transformed into a multifunctional space within the home, especially since the pandemic altered customer behavior. With more time spent at home, it serves as a hub for various activities beyond relaxation, including remote work and virtual meetings. This shift has led to increased demand for sofas that prioritize comfort, functionality, and adaptability. Innovations in design have responded to these needs, incorporating features like built-in charging ports and modular designs. As hybrid working becomes more prevalent, the sofa remains essential, seamlessly transitioning from a spot for leisure to a comfortable workspace.

Adrian Shaw, CEO of Chattels & More
Adrian Shaw, CEO of Chattels & More

Q. What are the key characteristics of a great sofa?

Shaw: A fantastic sofa ticks off a few key boxes: It’s wrapped in fabric that’s tough, stain-proof, and easy to keep clean. Inside, you’ll find top-notch materials like memory foam or feather filling, ensuring maximum comfort. The frame is solidly built with no-sag springs and durable wood, supported by well-balanced legs or feet for stability. And whether you prefer it stationary or with power features, it’s designed to provide just the right seating depth, a comfortable height, and smooth reclining motions customized to your liking.

Q. What is Chattels & More’s best-selling sofa?

Shaw: Our top-selling sofa is the Samoa, meticulously crafted in Poland. It boasts injection-molded memory foam for unmatched comfort, an ergonomic backrest design that lets you adjust the seat depth, and impressive versatility, seamlessly fitting into various aesthetics, whether contemporary, modern, or traditional.

Q: How does Chattels & More ensure that their customers always have a great range of sofas to choose from? And how do you ensure quality?

Shaw: At Chattels & More, we ensure our customers always have an extensive range of choices by following a few key strategies. Firstly, we maintain a diverse inventory, offering sofas in various sizes, styles, and shapes to suit every taste. Secondly, we stay updated with the latest design trends, ensuring our offerings are always on-trend. Thirdly, we keep our price range wide enough to accommodate different budgets. Lastly, we collaborate closely with top suppliers from Europe, such as Italy, Poland, Spain, Lithuania, and Denmark, to ensure exceptional construction, premium materials, rigorous quality testing, and comprehensive after-sales support.


Q. What’s behind the impressive growth trajectory of Chattels & More?

Shaw:  A vital aspect for us is community engagement. That’s why we run the ‘Chattlers Program for the Architecture & Design community’ in the UAE. We’re also thrilled to continue our collaboration with the Dubai Home Festival by hosting the design contest again this year, building on the success of last year. We believe in fostering the growth of budding designers, aspiring talents, and the community as a whole – and we’re committed to doing so through initiatives like these.

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