Highlights of Salone del Mobile, Milano 2024

All things new and noteworthy at the most awaited week for the international design industry

Loewe lamp - Dahye Jeong

Step into the realm of creativity, innovation and aesthetic brilliance as we unveil the captivating highlights from this year’s Salone del Mobile in Milan. This prestigious event, hailed as the pinnacle of the international design calendar, once again mesmerised attendees with its unparalleled showcase of cutting-edge design concepts, groundbreaking innovations and visionary craftsmanship.

LOEWE lamps
LOEWE revealed a collection of new lamps at Salone del Mobile specially developed for the presentation by 24 artists, all of whom have a long-standing relationship with the house. These newly commissioned floor, table or suspended lamps were on view in the Palazzo Citterio. Light was the central medium in all these works, and its properties were embraced and manipulated by each artist, guided by their own individual practice. The showcase was LOEWE’s eighth at the international furniture fair, which enabled the brand to venture into creative experiments with artists, expanding on generations of design and crafts knowledge.

Salone del Mobile 2024 milan

This was the first time many of the featured artists had created lamps, and the project enabled them to utilise a wide range of mediums, pushing the properties of each material to create unexpected interactions with light. For many of the artists, it was also an opportunity to introduce new techniques and materials into their practice. Playing with the pliability of bamboo, birch twigs and horsehair; experimenting with the translucencies of paper and lacquer finishes; and exploring the dynamic reflective contrasts between glass, leather and ceramic, they created forms that took inspiration from natural and man-made objects – spanning lighters and storefront shutters to morphing microorganisms and hanging gourds.


Soft Glass by Tonelli Design
Soft Glass, the new and first sofa by Tonelli Design, designed by Massimo Castagna, breaks away from conventional sofa design by integrating glass as the framework for a captivating interplay of shapes and materials. This marks a significant departure from traditional upholstery, offering a fresh perspective on living space aesthetics. At first glance, Soft Glass mesmerises with its unconventional style, striking a delicate balance between lightness and modularity. The sofa’s soft, generously filled volumes create a welcoming seating system that redefines spatial design. Castagna’s vision of modular design allows for original, dynamic and informal compositions, setting new trends and even anticipating them. With its wooden slatted frame and glass bases, Soft Glass offers unparalleled versatility, allowing for a multitude of configurations to suit diverse preferences and spatial requirements. Whether in larger or smaller configurations, the sofa remains a statement piece.

Antolini’s stone cladding

Antolini’s exquisite stone craftsmanship has left us in awe. In this month’s edition, we turn our focus to the heart of the home, the living room, and this brand resonates strongly with us – because of its dedication to producing and marketing the finest natural stones by highlighting and enhancing their unique beauty thanks to the skilful combination of craftsmanship and technological innovation. With its innate ability to infuse spaces with personality and warmth, Antolini’s stone cladding emerges as a natural choice for elevating the ambiance of any living room. From sleek marble accents to rustic granite features, each stone selection tells a story, adding depth and character to the living room narrative.


The new capsule collection by Jwana Hamdan, in collaboration with Californian artist Tricia Paoluccio, was previewed at Salone del Mobile. The collection, titled TRICIA PAOLUCCIO X JWANA HAMDAN, presented a contemporary dialogue between floral art and lyrical gardens. Inspired by Hamdan’s desire to express the beauty and essence of nature through design, the collaboration aimed to evoke a cultural heritage rich in poetic and literary tradition. The lush gardens referenced in Middle Eastern poetry served as powerful metaphors to represent human emotions and social interactions. One highlight of the collection was the ALIYA dining chairs, elegantly adorned in floral-themed fabrics, available at Purity.

Salone del Mobile 2024 milan

Salone del Mobile 2024 milan

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