Here are six wallpaper and textile designs to help any space come to life

From Dedar's textiles to Wall&deco's latest collection, here are some surfaces we love this year

Comprising colours, patterns and textures, choosing the right surface can make any space come to life. Here we have selected wallpaper designs and textiles that are sure to be a hit.

Soft touch 

Dedar’s Adorabile Alpaca has been sourced in Peru and spun in Italy, making this soft velour both smooth and luminous. Using the finest baby Alpaca yarns, the fabric is woven on a special shuttle loom and delicately brushed to further embellish its natural beauty. The colour palette ranges from vibrant shades to mélange and natural hues. Offering a warm and soft touch, this textile is full-bodied and elegant, making it ideal for upholstering. 

Venetian fragments  

Rubelli’s 2023 collection looks to Venice for inspiration; namely all the little fragments that make the city what it is. It looks at slivers of textile collections of the past, as well as those of different materials: glass, glass, stone and stucco. The fabrics here appropriate the properties of other materials, from the reflection of glass to the lustre of different metals and stones.

Natural instinct 

Wall&decò’s latest wallpaper collection presents three new mood boards, each offering a different view of reality. The Virtual Aesthetics collection is a celebration of a futuristic world: bright, optimistic and visually imposing through its saturated colour combinations, while Cocoon rejects the digital stage and embraces a life of tactility and craftsmanship. It features natural colours and textures, such as earth, sand, terracotta and straw, to create an oasis of peace. The last collection, Post Metaverse, is an explosion of the two: keeping to only the essentials. Here, grey take centre stage through an exploration of all its tones and potentialities. 

Perfect pairing 

The worlds of Nordic furniture brand Artek and Maharam collide in this collection, which features Alvar Aalto’s iconic Stool 60 – designed in 1933 – and twenty Maharam textiles that include a range of colours, textures and natural materials such as cotton, leather, mohair and wool. Honey, walnut and clear lacquer finishes were chosen in combination with the textiles to highlight the breadth of Maharam’s designs – including those created by its in-house design studio, as well as well-known names such as Konstantin Grcic, Paul Smith and Studio Job. 

Tranquil living  

For those seeking a serene environment for their interiors, Glamora’s Komorebi wall covering collection takes its name from the Japanese term that evokes ‘sunlight filtering through trees’ and is inspired by a blend of Scandinavian and Japanese aesthetics. The biophilic nature of this collection urges a reconnection with nature, with plant-based wallpapers that are mindful both of one’s and the environment’s well-being. Inspired by the Washi technique of Japanese papermaking, the collection plays with layering natural components and lightweight weaves. The natural tones of wood, earth and the indigo blue of Boro textiles create elegant juxtapositions, while the milky, gossamer-light layer of rice starch softens and merges the colours.

Line drawing  

A vibrant iteration of Kvadrat’s perennial classic Steelcut, the new Steelcut Beat is a durable checked upholstery coloured by Giulio Ridolfo that comes in two size checks: ‘ribbon’ and ‘grid’. It features the same innovative and intricate binding, created by Frans Dikmeijer, that resembles small pyramids or steel points. The textile is crafted using recycled yarns and draws on Ridolfo’s history of collaboration with famed fashion houses, reminiscent of the fine tailoring on trench coats. Its colourways are inspired by the picturesque Italian countryside of the designer’s childhood, with shades of deep red, violet and green.  

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