H Residences – Redesigning Culture and Community

Designed by Tariq Khayyat Design Partners, H Residences aims to build culture and community

The newly developed H Residences on Al Wasl Road in Dubai replaced an old retail structure that has been a cherished destination since the 1980s. The residences are now slowly turning into a hub to foster culture and community. The hub is being developed by HUNA, whose ethos – as articulated by Mohammad Saeed Al Shehhi, CEO of A.R.M. Holding – revolves around the core belief that vibrant communities are the cornerstone of exceptional developments. The company’s recent ventures, The Fold and H Residences, stand as testament to this philosophy, heralding a new era of cultural living while revitalising Al Wasl Road. At the heart of HUNA’s mission is a commitment to enhancing Dubai’s liveability by curating spaces that foster connection, purpose and cultural enrichment. Through strategic partnerships with renowned designers and creators, the company is crafting an ever-evolving lifestyle narrative for an elite clientele, underpinned by art, culture and community activation.

H Residences

H Residences

What sets H Residences apart is not just the promise of luxurious living spaces but also its seamless integration with the local community. The project replaces an old retail structure with a vibrant communal hub, featuring globally renowned dining establishments. Architect Tariq Khayyat’s design for H Residences is a harmonious blend of innovation and urban living. The development boasts a spacious public plaza, artfully sloping design for privacy and panoramic views, and a 30-metre spanning bridge connecting residents to prime recreational areas.

With a focus on sustainability and energy efficiency, the design incorporates elements like vertical louvres for shade and natural light optimisation, creating serene living environments while minimising environmental impact. The H Residences project is not just about creating luxurious living spaces; it’s about fostering a sense of belonging, inclusivity and community engagement. By seamlessly integrating indoor and outdoor spaces, promoting social interaction and providing much-needed green and shaded areas, H Residences is poised to become a beloved destination for residents and visitors alike.

Technical sheet

Client: HUNA
Design: Tariq Khayyat, Xiaosheng Li
Architect of record & engineering: Dewan Architects & Engineers
Façade engineering: Drees & Sommer
Landscape: Francis Landscape
Architectural lighting: Delta lighting solutions
Main contractor: ASGC

Photography by Gerry O’Leary; Philip Handforth

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