Gastro-chic: 6 feasts for the eyes

It’s a familiar name in Dubai and every capital city: Beefbar. This month, Riccardo Giraudi’s Paris flagship location is opening with an amazing renovation by Humbert & Poyet. Inspired by the organic shapes and colours of its glass roof, their vision retains the charm of the jewel-like historical landmark.
Known for his use of bamboo, Japanese architect Kengo Kuma’s first Hong Kong restaurant, Ta-ke, is no exception. This contemporary sushi restaurant was inspired by the Chinese story ‘Seven Wise Men of the Bamboo Grove’, in which the bamboo (také), has healing powers - so they used it in as many ways as possible to create a soothing minimalist atmosphere.Photo: Virgile Simon Bertrand
Cocina Hermanos Torres>
Designed by Barcelona’s OAB architects, Cocina Hermanos Torres is a performative space with a radical architectural step: the restaurant is the kitchen, giving diners the ultimate show under Pete San’s magnificent light installation ‘The Clouds’, in which hundreds or thousands of small lights paired with glass panels evoke a starlit space without a ceiling. Photo: Joan Guillamat
Designed to create the most memorable contemporary cafe experience in Vinh city, Vietnam, VTN architects used bamboo in its raw state to renovate Nocento. They chose the local resource because of its climate-friendly, lightweight properties. Cool factor: its enormous dome roof can be seen from any place in the city. Photo: Trieu Chien
Ducasse sur Seine
Indulge in Alain Ducasse’s inimitable world-class cuisine on his breathtaking new Ducasse sur Seine. Designed by Gérard Ronzatti to be floating architecture, the electric boat’s the interior design is by fashion-designer duo Maurizio Galante and Tal Lancman. Find it at the Port Debilly in the 16th arrondissement. Photo: Pierre Monetta
Designed by renowned Parisian interior designer Joseph Dirand, Girafe boasts the most sought-after seats in Paris due to chef Benoît Dargère’s coveted seafood menu and its sophisticated, contemporary spin on 1930s French design. Located in the Cité de l'Architecture et du Patrimoine, its terrace offers views of the Eiffel tower.

Inspired by natural materials, colours and textures, these new culinary gems are worth a plane ticket.