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Gaggenau presented a series of events under the title – The Suhoor Edition

The Suhoor event was conducted in collaboration with Lamborghini and Firetti Contemporary Gallery

Gaggenau Show Room

Renowned luxury appliances brand – Gaggenau teamed up with automatic giant – Lamborghini and Firetti Contemporary Gallery for a series of events in Ramadan to further expand on their artistic explorations. The collaboration between the brands stands as a testament to the fusion of automotive opulence, culinary mastery, and artistic expression. To delve deeper into the essence of this collaboration, we spoke to representative from Gaggenau – Tomas Alonso, CEO BSH Middle East, to uncover the driving forces behind this unique partnership. Martino Picotti, general manager of Lamborghini in Dubai and Abu Dhabi and Mara Firetti, founder and manager partner of Firetti Contemporary Gallery shared their input on the collaboration and what it means for the design+art industry. 

Gaggenau event
(from left) Martino Picotti, General Manager of Lamborghini in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, Maria Firetti, Founder and Managing Partner of Firetti Contemporary, and Tomas Alonso, CEO BSH Middle East

How did the collaboration between Gaggenau and Lamborghini come about? Why was the artist – Ghaleb Havila specifically chosen for the collaboration?

Tomas Alonso: We always strive to create holistic experiences for our clients where they are surrounded by a certain calibre of products, features and brands. Ghaleb Havila was chosen to collaborate with Lamborghini & Gaggenau because we wanted to showcase the humanistic part of the art and culture while enjoying outstanding brands at the same event. We wanted to craft an event where we did not just talk about brands. Luxury is not confined to a single channel or sector. It is closely associated with emotions and therefore should have specific messaging of brand exclusivity and heritage. Without highlighting the “how”, Lamborghini and Gaggenau can replicate these sensorial emotions to people. That’s the beauty of this kind of collaboration.

Martino Picotti: One of our main objectives is to deliver memorable experiences that engage our guests on different levels. The winning ingredient is to focus on their lifestyle and interests, be it luxury cars, yachts, watches, art pieces, fine dining, etc. Then we create a connection among those various elements: this is the rationale of our collaboration with Gaggenau and Firetti Contempoary.

Mara Firetti: The collaboration between Gaggenau, Lamborghini and Firetti emerged from a shared vision of excellence and a desire to celebrate cultural richness during Ramadan. Ghaleb Hawila, our chosen artist for this collaboration, perfectly embodies the essence of this season through his Arabic calligraphy artworks. 

Gaggenau Event
Artist Ghaleb Hawila

What role did culinary culture play in the overall experience of the Suhoor event, and how does Gaggenau contribute to elevating that experience?

Alonso: We strategically scheduled this event to take place during the holy month of Ramadan. For us, it’s very important to keep traditions while being respectful with the different cultures worldwide. Having said that, Gaggenau is committed to delivering the full potential of its products whereby it’s not only felt but also experienced. According to this concept, we defined a proper culinary experience for our customers to appreciate delectable menus crafted via our outstanding products.

How does Gaggenau approach partnerships and collaborations to create experiences for its audience?

Alonso: Gaggenau is a brand born more than 340 years ago. It’s a brand shaped by heritage and craftsmanship. The brand has grown through the years and has understood the need to adapt its lines, features, and designs according to today’s innovations. Our key word or the main intention of preparing these events are: Unforgettable Experiences. Following this idea, Gaggenau looks to hosting events at or in joine partnerships with remarkable places such as Louvre Museum in Abu Dhabi, EXPO2022 or at Expo City, The Royal Atlantis or at our very own Galleria. Spaces that add a touch of luxury and share an extra added value to our customers while they enjoy these exclusive dinners.

Gaggenau Event

Looking ahead, are there any future collaborations or events in the pipeline for Gaggenau?

Alonso: We will definitely look towards more collaborations of such kind in the future. In my opinion, highlighting luxury brands involves a lot of subtlety. A luxury brand cannot be continuously highlighted with a message in the markets as they lose their exclusivity. Having said that, we have the obligation to create beautiful and differential experiences among clients, to stay ahead of the curve and continue creating the desire to purchase our brand. This is the direction that we take while forecasting our events.

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