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Have a read of these living room styling secrets from Sneha Divias

Inspired by Purity’s collection, Sneha Divias, an award-winning designer and founder of her eponymous interior architecture and design practice, shares her secrets for creating living spaces that are not only beautiful, but uniquely yours. “Living rooms need a fine balance of functionality, aesthetics and personal style,” says Divias. In a recent collaboration with Purity, her handpicked pieces and her personal style came together to create a living room corner at the Jumeirah Villa.

Sneha Divias x Purity

Embrace the flow

A living room thrives within the context of the whole house. Before diving into details, ensure that your furniture arrangement allows for easy movement and conversation. This is where good space planning comes in – it’s the foundation for a well-styled space. 

Make it truly yours

Think of your living room as a canvas. What story do you want it to tell? Living rooms are versatile spaces that can tell layered stories – spaces that are personal yet open to guests and visitors. However, the best living rooms are personal expressions, filled with elements that resonate with you and reflect your unique style.

Embrace the mix

Add warmth and personality to your living room through layers of textures, accessories and colours. Key pieces like sofas and armchairs can remain neutral, while accents like throw pillows and rugs introduce pops of complementary colour and pattern. Remember, the key is achieving harmony and visual balance.

Think beyond trends

It’s easy to get carried away by trends – rather, focus on creating a space that is timeless. Drawing inspiration from your personality rather than fleeting trends ensures your living room remains stylish and relevant. Timeless design includes quality pieces that you love and that will stand the test of time, both in durability and in style.

Purity showroom

The coffee table under the spotlight

Elevate your coffee table from a mere piece of furniture to a centrepiece in your living room. Books and candles are classic choices, so select ones that inspire you – pieces that spark conversations, inspiration and joy.

Let art make a statement

A statement wall can completely change the atmosphere of your living space. Dedicate a specific wall to showcasing an oversized artwork or make it a gallery of personal photos. You can also convert it into an accent wall with a splash of colour. 

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