Sneha Divias Atelier is Tasked with Creating the VIP Majlis at Art Dubai for Second Consecutive Year

The designer merges functionality and elegance to create an immersive experience

Sneha Divias x identity

For the second consecutive year, Art Dubai has entrusted renowned interior designer Sneha Divias with the prestigious task of crafting the VIP Majlis, the region’s most anticipated art event. Building on the success of her inaugural collaboration last year, where she seamlessly combined functionality with elegance, Sneha has once again been called upon to elevate the experience for art enthusiasts and the creative community.

This year’s Majlis is conceived as more than just a physical space; it’s a gathering place for meaningful conversations and immersive experiences. Enhancing last year’s concept, the sleek and contemporary aesthetics of the Majlis create an environment that fosters interaction and engagement among the arts community in Dubai and beyond.

Sneha Divias x identity

The design concept remains rooted in flexibility, layered textures, and versatility. The furniture, including pieces from the Loom collection, allows for effortless rearrangement to accommodate various activities such as talks, events, and leisurely lounging. Guests can engage with and appreciate the curated art on the walls, thanks to the neutral canvas that serves as an understated backdrop, creating a seamless connection between the physical and visual aspects of the space.

“I believe in the powerful merger of art and design—where the aesthetic essence of each form enhances the other. The Art Dubai Majlis is a testament to this synergy, offering a dynamic space where curated design becomes the canvas for the expression of art, creating an immersive experience that transcends boundaries,” said Divias.

Sneha Divias x identity

Sneha Divias x identity

This collaborative effort between Sneha Divias and Art Dubai aims to create an atmosphere that encourages exploration and appreciation of art within Dubai’s vibrant creative community and the wider global art scene. The Majlis stands as a dynamic and evolving space where design meets functionality, inviting guests to experience art and culture in a truly unique and memorable way during this much-anticipated annual event.

All images courtesy Natelee Cocks

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