Identity in conversation with Shell+Core, a boutique interior & architecture practice

Jade and Ghalia, founders of Shell+Core shared their story behind the firm

Childhood friends, Jade and Ghalia, are the founders of Shell+Core, a boutique interior & architecture [firm] practice in United Arab Emirates. Early 2018—a total of five years, Shell+Core was established in response to a growing creative scene in Abu Dhabi. As the opportunity came in, Identity had a conversation with founders of Shell+Core, Jade and Ghalia about their background and the firm.Founders of Shell+Core, Jade and Ghalia
Their work is guided by their diverse backgrounds of design, architecture, urban planning and engineering in an ever growing demographic that is consequently designing spaces that are people-focused, locally inspired and constantly evolving.

shell+core’s portfolio jump-started with a series of freelance works, and quickly grew to multi-concept, emerging local brands – with briefs that required novel approaches in which ideas are continuously challenged, new materials thoroughly explored, and strong identities created.

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A short glimpse from the video:

Question: Can you elaborate a bit on your slogan, “Seeing things differently, from the inside out”?

Jade and Ghalia briefly explained how they see, use and feel the space as they imagined it as the user of the space to help them interpret and design how their clients envision is. They have mentioned how they are interested in the social aspect where they see how people feel within the space and how [to execute] the culture they are trying to create with it…

Question: Is it easy to be an environmentally friendly design / architecture firm?

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