Fierce: Marwa Sayed Abdelazim Afify

The fashion designer behind the brand Three Fifty-Nine is headed to London Fashion Week.

Three fifty-nine’s latest collection, Gheyya.

Marwa Sayed Abdelazim Afify’s a triple threat: fashion designer, tastemaker and business woman. Now she’s taking her brand to London. The Egyptian-born designer behindThree Fifty-Nine has just been named the winner of the coveted Dubai Design & Fashion Council (DDFC) x FAD Institute of Luxury, Fashion & Style Dubai (FAD Dubai) competition. The prize: a place in Fashion Week’s Fashion Scout London, an independent platform for designers that’s produced legends.

Her breathtaking Autumn/Winter 2018-19 collection, Gheyya, was inspired by Cairo’s distinctive pigeon lofts (named ‘gheya’, in Egypt) which have sat on the city’s rooftops since ancient times. She was moved by the loyalty of the homing pigeons who have a deep bond with their pigeoneers and find their way home via rooftop via colorful scraps of fabric that act as flags – as well as the paper kites used by runners which that capture the eyes of the pigeons.

This symbolic orchestration of place, memory and materiality is illustrated in the collection’s fabrics and tailoring. Techniques such as ruffles and pleats can be seen on few pieces along with feathers, imitating the movement of the pigeon wings. Handmade embroidery and beadwork mirrors the handmade nature of the Gheyya and the paper kite. We’re thrilled to see her latest collection take flight.

Marwa Sayed Abdelazim Afify