Exploring Natuzzi’s latest collection – The Circle of Harmony

The Italian lifestyle brand known worldwide for its Mediterranean identity, is presenting its latest collection The Circle of Harmony – Comfortness, in which internationally recognised designers have tackled the theme of comfort – from the ancient French word confort, meaning ‘that which gives strength’ – which has always been a fundamental element of Natuzzi’s style and an indisputable bedrock of its history.

The Circle of Harmony is a stylistic exploration project initiated in 2020 at the instigation of Pasquale Junior Natuzzi, the brand’s Chief Creative Officer. The project seeks to create a physical and virtual community where artists, architects and designers plan and imagine the stylistic evolution of Natuzzi Italia, regarding its heritage as the cornerstone of this journey.

Following the reflections of the last editions of The Circle of Harmony on the themes of functionality and sustainability, Comfortness explores the world of comfort. It is interpreted as a way of life, an intimate and personal aspect, a means of instilling strength and well-being, a consideration that is impossible to overlook when it comes to making valuable time for yourself and your relaxation. A new idea of sustainability, a key element in claiming quality of life. The aim of this new chapter of The Circle of Harmony is to combine comfort, design, beauty and utility.

Together with BIG Studio – Bjarke Ingels Group, the contributors to Comfortness are Fabio Novembre, Enrique Martí, Simone Bonanni and Sebastiano Tosi, who, coming from different paths, have created a crossroads of experiences, ideas and creative blending.

“In recent years, the home has become the place where we recuperate our energy and where well-being is an increasingly important aspect. Everything that is part of this space – volumes, materials, and colours – constitutes comfort, which for Natuzzi has always been an essential element that translates into a maniacal attention to both product and visual comfort with aesthetically reassuring shapes and an in-depth study of colour and light,” comments Pasquale Junior Natuzzi, Chief Creative Officer.

The brand’s flagship store in Via Durini – transformed in 2022 by Fabio Novembre’s new retail concept celebrating Apulian culture and atmospheres – is the setting where all the new Comfortness products were unveiled during Milan Design Week.

The showroom also hosts special projects that tell, in an original way, the story of the culture and craftsmanship of the Apulian territory: Uragano table, a moving sculpture made in limited edition; Germogli lamp by artist-designer Marcantonio, which pays homage to the beauty of the Mediterranean landscape; and artist Renzo Buttazzo’s sculptures, shaped from the ancient limestone rock typical of Salento.

COLLE SOFA – designed by BIG Studio – Bjarke Ingels Group

The encounter between Natuzzi and Bjarke Ingels, founder and creative director of BIG Studio – one of the most interesting figures in contemporary design and architecture – resulted in Colle, a project inspired by the first Natuzzi models recognised for their soft and cosy style. This is a key feature of this model, which harmoniously portrays the typical relaxed atmosphere of Apulia and Mediterranean life, a physical and mental place that welcomes the most intimate and social moments by allowing for quality time with yourselves and others.

The seat and backrest cushions gently rest on the inner structure of the sofa, recalling a natural, cosy world, creating informal and comfortable seating; an additional cushion rests on the side structure and becomes a soft armrest that increases the surface area for lying down. The design is distinguished by the pleasant ‘wrinkles’ created on the upholstery, which enhance the softness of the design and enhance the sense of visual comfort that the entire collection seeks to communicate. Colle is a modular system that consists of an armchair module, two- or three-seat versions, and various components – including corner elements – to compose a true relaxation space in the living area.

The name Colle denotes the perfect representation of the Italian landscape overlooking the sea: just like the gentle curves of a hill, the shapes of the Colle sofa are designed to accommodate relaxation and socialising by emphasising the visual comfort that is so important to Natuzzi.

“We were asked to design a family of sofas for Natuzzi that would tell the story of comfort through a few simple design tricks,” remarks Jakob Lange, Partner, BIG – Bjarke Ingels Group. “We approached the task by combining contrasting materials, wrapping a soft cushion around a wooden construction, creating a solid composition with rounded edges and deep seating to meet contemporary life’s demands for versatility and softness.”

“Our BIG Product Team makes product design a literal extension of our efforts in architecture,” explains Bjarke Ingels, founder and Creative Director of BIG – Bjarke Ingels Group. “Architects rarely have an opportunity to specify a building component from scratch, limiting our imagination to what is already on the market. Our work in furniture, lighting, transport and the Internet of Things allows us to connect the big picture to the small details, increasing our overall influence on the built environment.”

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