Create calm in the kitchen

Inspired by pebbles on the beach, Gejst’s new Galet collection is a small luxury.

The new Galet collection by Gejst

Acclaimed gastronomy expert and intellectual Michael Pollan said, ‘We spend our lives in front of screens, and cooking is one of the best antidotes’.  Moved by his wise words, we fell in love with the new Galet collection by Gejst.

Designed to recall small stones polished, softened and rounded by persistent ocean waves, Galet is a set of three different sized ceramic bowls and a cutting board carried out in solid oak. The bowls fit into each other perfectly and are also made to fit the edge of the cutting board. This detail makes it pleasingly easy to slide the freshly cut herbs or grinded parmesan in to the bowl.

Its minimalist, Nordic style allows ingredients to take pride of place, creating the perfect stage for engaging with the colours, textures and forms that make cooking a dynamic and engaging activity.

Gejst was founded with a passion for making attractive, sustainable design that will last the test of time. From the start, the goal of the company has been to challenge traditional approaches to design to make a collection full of bold and playful objects.