Colour story: coral crush

Designed by Simon Legald for Normann Copenhagen, this Junto is a terracotta carafe and cup set inspired by the traditional Spanish botijo. The design is both rigorous and soft, with a hearty, hand-made feel from its rustic, fired clay. normann-copenhagen.com/
illulian.comIllulian is pleased to unveil its exclusive Kaboom rug in the shade of Living Coral. The rug is knotted and carded by hand and recalls action painting, a highly-charged, impulsive style of abstract gestural painting during which paint is energetically splashed, spilt or dribbled onto a canvas. Part of the Design Collection, it's crafted with Himalayan wool and pure silk.
Talenti presents Trocadéro, the new collection in Living Coral signed by the famous Spanish designer Ramón Esteve and inspired by the French furniture that characterized the terraces of Paris at the beginning of XX century. talenti.it
Herman Miller's Cosm chair offers sophisticated ergonomic design instantly responds to your body, movement, and posture to provide natural balance and total support. hermanmiller.com
Designed by Manuela Busetti and Andrea Garuti, Pedrali's Buddy collection has been enriched with new elements that enhance its versatile, functional nature. The generous backrests, combined with softly upholstered poufs, create a family of soft modular seating that reflects the friendly spirit of the collection. pedrali.it

Inspired by the ongoing need to be mindful and proactive about our environment, Pantone’s Colour of Year – Living Coral – speaks to our need to surround ourselves with objects that create a mood that evokes social consciousness in scales both small and grand. To that end, we’ve searched for hues and shades of this provocative colour that suit virtually any corner of the home, office and outdoor space. From tableware to office to outdoor spaces, there’s always space to make a bold, tgimely statement without saying a word. – Joanne Molina