Chapter’s new dining table for Studio TwentySeven is a monumental ode to its Persian roots

The collection is an ode to ancient Persepolis, featuring a minimal pattern inspired by Persian Cuneiform

True to its name, Dubai-based design brand Chapter’s latest collection – designed exclusively for Studio TwentySeven – is an ode to ancient Persepolis, also known in Persian as Parsa (City of Persians).  

The monumental dining table is a combination of marble and metal, resembling the ancient pillars of Persepolis, conceived in intriguing dimensions and proportions. Its cylindrical metal legs are formed with two vertical structures inspired by the grandeur of Persepolitan columns.

These legs carry the smooth marble tabletop that is crafted in an organic shape, with a patterned effect inspired by the rich textures and patterns found in the city, adding a sense of nature and movement to the piece. The minimal pattern is inspired by the Old Persian Cuneiform language, known as Khate-Mikh, specifically focusing on one particular glyph that resembles an arrow. When grouped together, it creates rhythmic repetitions. 

“Architecture has timeless qualities and characteristics [that] make [up] the framework of our daily life,” says Shima Samaei, founder of Chapter. “The Persepolis series represents this notion, taking into account that our indoor environments have a huge impact on our mood and that we surround ourselves with what we feel represents our personality and character in terms of materials, colours and texture.”

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