Casamia’s latest collaboration with furniture brand Edra showcases Italian design excellence

Established in 1987, Edra has been crafting exclusive and timeless furniture from the outset

CasamiaOn the Rocks by Francesco Binfaré

Amidst the picturesque backdrop of the Bulgari Yacht Club, an evening of elegance and opulence unfolded as Casamia showcased collections from the renowned luxury furniture brand, Edra. The latest brand to collaborate with Casamia, Edra has been crafting exclusive and timeless furniture from the outset.

Established in 1987 in Tuscany, Edra has gained global recognition for its exceptional products, blending a tradition of artistic creativity with cutting-edge technology, skilled craftsmanship, and luxurious materials.

On the Rocks by Francesco Binfaré

With an unmistakable Italian flair, the event, curated by Casamia, brought together luminaries from the design world for an exclusive look at the statement products from the renowned brand. Among the highlights of the evening was the mesmerizing Alice – a masterpiece designed by Jacopo Foggini for Edra, captivating guests and gracing the cover of this edition with its captivating design. Alice, along with the standout pieces is a testament to Edra’s precedence in design innovation which is coupled with a ubiquitous heritage that resonates throughout its designs. Alice showcases a semi-transparent effect that adds a touch of magic to any dimly lit environment through its intricately plastic wire woven design while the Margherita armchair, also from Foggini, crafted from innovative polycarbonate, boasts a similar interplay of light that enhances its allure under various light sources. Meanwhile the Ines lamp by the designer is a unique sculpture. The height, width, shape and distribution of the material for each of the product varies as its moulded by hand, creating a specific design for each piece of the product. 

The event also featured Boa designed by the Campana brothers – Fernando and Humberto. Boa is a spacious woven nest that offers a gentle embrace. This frameless creation comprises of 120 meters of tubing filled with flexible, breathable polyurethane infused with a hint of goose feather. Its velvet covering adds a unique shine to its overall appearance. Another creation of the Campana brothers, the Vermelha armchair features a steel frame, created by the overlapping of hundreds of twists of about 500 meters of special rope with acrylic core, on the base frame.

Standard by Francesco Binfaré

Presenting a source of great enlightenment and insight, the second generation of Edra’s founding family, Niccolò Mazzei, relayed a host of design stories of the materials, craft and vision at Edra. Each piece, ingeniously crafted and infused with lightness, embodies a sculptural character meticulously shaped by hand. Edra’s expertise in Italian craftmanship is exemplified in each of its designs, blending brand heritage, design innovation, and handcrafted mastery in harmony.

As per Casamia, Edra’s supremacy in design and innovation echoes the essence of its own and its curated collections. Under the vision of Founder & CEO, Kader Mithani, the collections at Casamia feature a profound artistry that embodies heritage, creativity, and functionality. It’s showroom acts as an exhibition space where design dreams are brought to life. Alongside Edra, the Casamia showroom also features coveted brands in furniture like Gianfranco Ferre, Christopher Guy, Longhi, and Exteta. All these brands have one thing in common – their shared philosophy of design versatility with aesthetic excellence imbibed in their heritage. The opening of the Casamia Flagship Store marks a significant milestone for both the brands and designers involved, as well as for the brand’s own identity. The space is envisioned as a haven for creativity and innovation, offering designers a rich playground to explore. Featuring a carefully curated selection of interior design and building material collections, the store boasts an impressive array of luxury furniture brands, inviting designers to delve into the realms of opulence and style.

Era Vermelha Chair

Casamia caters to a diverse range of space creation needs, from intimate homes to grand estates, luxurious hotels, and expansive developer projects. Each piece of furniture showcased at the showroom is chosen with meticulous care, ensuring a blend of quality, style, and functionality.

In essence, Casamia transcends the conventional showroom experience, offering a haven where design enthusiasts can explore, envision, and create spaces that transcend the ordinary, all while celebrating the rich tapestry of design heritage and innovation.


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