Casamia is repurposing waste tiles into every day objects for the home

Casamia's new upcycled collection includes decorative objects for the home and office

id sponsorship: One of the largest interior solutions store,  Casamia has now launched an upcycled collection created by repurposing excess, discarded or damaged pieces of tiles into aesthetically pleasing everyday objects. The firm’s aim is to add to the continued life of its materials by sourcing scattered and fragmented pieces, which come together to create something new. The series comprises modern and minimally designed tabletop decorative objects, including a board game of x’s and o’s as well as coasters.

“This initiative is rooted in the essence of continuity, and a greater sense of responsibility”, says Mohib Mithani, CSO at Casamia. “The possibilities are endless if we are to really repurpose the material and extend its life, hence we are trying to re-craft it into objects that will find homes in the hearts of creatives and aesthetic-lovers”.

The board game is seamlessly fabricated out of single pieces of tile, each with their own characteristics and colours, that come together to form a whole. The coasters, on the other hand, have a more terrazzo-like visual appeal, with a hexagonal shape that is the ideal size to hold office beverages or small-sized plant pots.

“We are very excited about how a small initiative to upcycle discarded material has turned into a story that has garnered a lot of interest amongst our clients and network,” Mithani says.

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