Brand Profile: Polished Interiors

Founded in 2019, Polished Interiors swiftly ascended to prominence under Maisa Saif’s leadership, leveraging her extensive experience as an interior designer spanning over a decade across the United States and the United Arab Emirates. Armed with a degree in interior design architecture from The New England Institute of Art in Boston, Massachusetts, Saif brings a distinctive fusion of creativity and expertise to the forefront, honed through her tenure with leading design firms and revered custom design brands.

What distinguishes Polished Interiors is its holistic approach to design. From governmental and private offices to eclectic spaces like coffee shops, flower boutiques, and an array of residential projects encompassing apartments, villas, and palatial estates, the brand caters to a diverse clientele with bespoke needs. This versatility is mirrored in its wide array of services, spanning architectural consultations, interior design, fit-out works, and bespoke furniture production.

At the heart of Polished Interiors’ ethos lies collaboration. By fostering deep connections with clients and meticulously comprehending their requirements, the team crafts tailor-made solutions that exceed expectations. Through a rigorous process of analyzing spaces and understanding occupants, Polished Interiors delivers captivating designs that seamlessly integrate with the client’s lifestyle, whether it’s a modern American country aesthetic or a sleek contemporary ambiance.

Critical to the brand’s success is its cadre of experts, comprising highly skilled interior designers, engineers, architects, project managers, digital artists, and artisan craftsmen. This diverse ensemble ensures that every project is executed with meticulous precision and finesse, from inception to fruition.

The brand’s dedication to excellence is epitomized in its meticulously handcrafted furniture pieces, created by skilled artisans using only the finest materials. With plans to expand its offerings to include bespoke furniture and the imminent launch of its inaugural physical boutique, Polished Interiors is primed to leave an indelible mark on the design landscape.

Polished Interiors stands out for its unique amalgamation of creativity, functionality, and personalized solutions. With a global design outlook and specialized expertise, the brand is reshaping the contours of interior design, one impeccably curated space at a time.

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